Friday, 20 November 2009 @ 10:17

Cartoon KAT-TUN 18.11.09 Epi 136

Outdoor (Aki) no Okite

Woohoo! Jin has his hair tied up in a ponytail! And I mean HIGH UP, haha~ XD SO COOL~~~~~~~ It just looks so good on him! I usually don't like long hair, haha..

Mori3Chu suggests they recommend songs that will make the tension UP during the drive~

Taguchi recommends Perfume's PORIRIZUMU

Ooshima recommends another song that I don't really understand, haha~

Nakamaru recommends JUDY AND MARY's Sobakasu

Jin recommends Black Eyed Peas' BOOM BOOM POW and Jin's totally enjoying the song, haha! He's soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! OMG, he's back! XD

They learn to camp in AUTUMN!! It's a very nice camping spot with nice toilets and nice flat ground~ They used 45 minutes to set up the tents! They really didn't know how to, haha! Then they inflate the bed in turns~ The photos they took are so funny!!!!!!!!! XD

Meanwhile, Nakamaru and one of the girls go to a nearby supermarket to buy food~ The instructor says that in order to enjoy bbq-ing the food they bought, they should exercise first, haha!

They go to learn BMX! I wish I own one! Mine's a..half..?! Anyway, even the instructor for BMX is also very cute~~~~ XD BMX is really cool~~

Look forward to Cartoon KAT-TUN every week!! ♥


elazul said...

AH! CTKT >.< I want to watch that episode again! T.T

For the first time in my life, I said cute to Jin >.< He was really cute when sang that BEP's song. and yucchi recomended Sobakasu?? XD that kinda old song ne? and I never know that Junno likes perfume XDD

I wonder why they are camping in autumn. isn't so cold there? I better to stuck with my blanket XP but If with Ryo and Yucchi, I will go on camping although in winter XD

Otsukare Haru!^^

HaruLoku said...

haha~~ i love Jin~~~~~

and i agree~ if it's with Ryo-chan, i'll go camping in winter too! XD

thankz, elazul-chan!