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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Akanishi Jin — 10.11.09


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Recently, it quickly became cold. What kind of days are you having? I'm Akanishi.

The premiere for the movie 「BANDAGE」 has ended smoothly, now attending activities moving towards the opening of it.

As for what activities I'm attending, it's for next time.

This season is a period when it's easy to catch a cold, everyone please be very careful. So then, see you next time.


-- "ciao" was written in English

Jin's always polite ^_^♥ He even used "sama" for "everyone", haha..

He was late for 3 days but didn't apologise.

I'm so happy that he will be singing BANDAGE next week in Music Station! Same goes for P! It will be my first time to see both of them on Music Station at the same time! HAHA.. I'm a mountain tortoise XD

I really want to watch BANDAGE! But I don't even know if it will EVER come to my country!! T_T I'll just hope for the best.. ;_;

Listened to Kame's Kz by Kz.. Super short, only 10minutes!! -_-" Hmmm he usually just mumbles mumbles mumbles.. haha.. XD Nah, he calls out to fans who sent him letters, chats with them, then that's it.. He's very kind and gentle, the fans' reactions are usually very funny XD

Well then, good night!! ♥


Anonymous said...

Could you please post the link to Jin's blog site????? I like to read your translations, but I would like to see the site too. <3 Arigatou!

HaruLoku said...

hi, Anonymous! firstly, thankz for leaving me a message and thankz for your comment, glad u like!

secondly, Jin and all other johnny's boys do not post their JWEBs on the internet like we do, johnny-san has a strict policy on that and I'll quote the explanation from []

Johnny's Web (J-Web) is a cellphone web service available only for cellphone users with a Japanese cellphone operator. This service started its operations in 12 May 2003, and it's a special web (accessible only through cellphones) that contains a lot of information regarding Johnny's artists, such as concert/activities information, limited goods pre-order, and each artists' personally written/uploaded web diaries.

Monthly fee for this service is 300 JPY (excl. tax)

This is only available IN JAPAN. If you do not live in Japan then this service will not be available on your cellphone.


so yeah, he doesn't have a site~

HTH! ^_^♥