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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Taguchi Junnosuke — 17.11.09


junnosuke taguchi MANUAL.41

Updated late, sorry

I'm Taguchi

Recently the weather's turned cold I was thinking that it's about time to take out the winter coats, but the amount of clothes is a lot choosing is difficult

So then, today's me thought that the 500yen that I've been saving should already be quite ok

So I went to the bank

Super excited

And, and……


A, saved quite a lot of money because of this joy saving money is a happy task

The money I saved will be used on the training that I go to recently Will train a body of muscles, yoroshiku
└Even though I don't think I will reach that extend (laughs)

Everyone should try to start saving money, what do you think
So then, see you

Wahaha.. rob him XD He has AMAZING perseverance!!

Yeah, he should have a training regime, he's too skinny!! Haha~~

KA-TUN likes to bully him a lot, it's funny but sometimes I feel that he's such a poor thing, haha! XD He's not like them.. His image is innocent, gentle, kind and cheerful! Feels like the sun, haha..

The others, I feel like they belong to the dark side, haha!! As for Nakamaru, he belongs to the grey side, haha! XD

O yeah, sorry for updating late! XD


elazul said...

Helloo! I'm back!

Junno is rich! He really great on saving money ne? And will spend it to body building?? is it work? XDD I mean he need to be a little fat XP He is too skinny!

What do you mean with Yucchi at gray side? because he can be evil too? Then why he isn't polkadot? XDD The one that have a pure black without any white is JIN XP

by the way, otsukare Haru! please translate Yucchi jweb too! T.T

HaruLoku said...


i dunno if he's training for work, but he needs it anyway, haha!

i mean,Nakamaru is not as bright as Taguchi, haha, so i juz put him in the "grey" category, haha!

nooooooooooo JIN is.. RED!! hahaha!!

as for Nakamaru's page.. nah, i don't read it.. and he.. he writes a loooot and about not really important things, haha! like teaching us how to use rarely-used emoji in the phones! OMG, haha! and he writes every other day, so there's a lot! i can't keep up and i'll keep forgetting anyway, haha~

but be rest assured, i'll translate the KAT-TUN MANUAL every tuesday ^_^♥

thankz, cya! ;)

elazul said...

Ah! Then Yucchi is green, Kame is Blue, Koki is black, Junno is yellow, and Ueda is pink. And then we have a sentai ranger XDD

Eh?emoji? Its cute >.< *of course, I'm Yucchi's fan. even if he write something silly it will be cute for me XD* Sokka, he love to update ne? where did you read his jweb? I want to read it >.<

Okay then! keep update na?? and Ryo-chan eito ranger too >.<

Jaa matta ne!

HaruLoku said...

no purple? hahaha XD

try the above link to read Nakamaru's Page.. but they're in chinese and not very updated..

thankz and yup, ganbarimasu!! ^_^

elazul said...

I can't read Chinese T.T if its Japanese、I can understand a little *cry* thank you anyway!

Purple? I never find sentai ranger with purple color XD

by the way, 2 days ago, Yucchi became YamaPi guest star on his Short but Sweet >.< YamaPi used Yucchi's name on his song >.< Very happy to hear that >.<

Btw, how are you? haven't got any news lately?*wink* Take care XD

HaruLoku said...

o, i'm sorry.. anyway, where are you from?

haha.. purple is murakami.. u dun like him?! XD

wow, nakamaru was guest?! cool! i wanna see too!

nah, no news.. usually i update on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays~ jwebs and TV programs are a lot on these days, hoho~

elazul said...

I'm from Indonesia dear. And you?

Ah yeah, Hina is purple XD but he is eito ranger not sentai ranger. he never fight with monster ne? or he have?XDD I like yellow and black ranger XDD Ryo-chan and Yokocho XDD

I want to see yucchi's aho but cute act there! XD a fans report said that Yucchi sang Pi's songs XDD

Sokka! Then I will happy waiti~ng XDD

HaruLoku said...

oic! we're near! i'm from Singapore!! ^_^

i'll update koki's jweb soon! sorry ne!