Friday, 20 November 2009 @ 10:19

KAT-TUN Style 19.11.09

Mondays to Thursdays 10:30pm [SGT] on AM1242 Nippon

Koki is like mumbling.. haha..
Taguchi's voice is very easily recognisable!

Koki reads letters like, only to himself.. And way too fast! HAHA Rapping the letters.......... XD

They're so cute XD

And the radio program is ridiculously short! Only 10minutes!! T_T

From 30 Nov, KAT-TUN Style will be broadcasted on Mondays to Thursdays at 11:50pm - 12am [Japan time]

From 4 Dec, KZ by KZ will be broadcasted on Fridays 11:40pm - 12am [Japan time]


elazul said...

Wow Haru. . . you also heard KAT-TUN Style? T.T how lucky. . . What letter did Koki read?

are you hearing Kase by Kase or R-One KAT-TUN too? please review it ne?? T.T I want to know it badly *slap by you*

Otsukare Haru. . . Thanks for always sharing NEWS and KAT-TUN with me T.T *give you Ryo-chan for a night*

HaruLoku said...

hi~! i only listen to it sometimes, coz i usually forget.. my memory is really bad, haha..

as for what letter Koki read.. i didn't catch it properly, haha! i'm still learning Japanese ^_^

i also listen to KZ by KZ, but same thing, only if i remember to~~~ both these 2 programs are so short! only 10 or 20minutes T_T

i will blog about them when i listen to them! ^_^

and u're welcome~ ^_^ *grabs Ryo and runs away fast* XD