Monday, 2 November 2009 @ 16:37

NEWS Solo PVs!!

SO HAPPY FOR NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Everyone gets to have their own solo PV! They are included in the DVD that is gonna be released the day after tomorrow!! And I can't wait to get my hands on it!! So here're the YT videos!! ~♫~

After watching these, go out and buy this DVD when it's out on the shelves!! It's totally worth it!! ♥

Yamashita Tomohisa -- MOLA (R-midwest Remix)

First off, leader's. To be honest, this PV disappointed me? Hmmm.. The dance steps are a bit, not so nice-looking. Pardon me, but that's me being honest here~ ^_^v

As for the remix.. Er.. First time hearing it, it's ok. Second time onwards.. No thankz~

P is cute in the Making Of~ XD

And so sad that the director is not very good, haha.. He greyscale-ed the whole thing!! Making P's red gloves useless!! T_T

Koyama Keiichiro -- Love Addiction

We get to see a new side of Koyamama!! COOL~!! I like his costume most out of all the PVs~~

As usual, his Making Of is very sincere~ ^_^♥

Masuda Takahisa -- Superman

OMG!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

The song is so cute too!! Everything about Massu is cute, lol~~ I think he likes the "cute line"~~ ♥

Massu's dancing is soooooo good! Best out of all the PVs! Especially the beginning part, so cool!! ♥

Kato Shigeaki -- Shalala Tambourine

Wahahaha, I think Shige's PV is the PV that surprises me most!! His cosplay and behaviour for the costumes he wears is perfect!! HAHAHA!!

I think his PV is the funniest out of all of them!! XD I was laughing throughout the entire thing!!

Tegoshi Yuuya -- Ai Nante

Ai Nante without Ryo and Shige's voices is, of course, different, but still, VERY NICE!! Tego is really good at singing and I love his voice!! The PV is very sad.. Tego is soooo sexy, haha~ All grown up, yeah??!! ♥♥

In the Making Of, he's still his usual goofy self, hehe~~ センキュー XD

Nishikido Ryo -- code

What can I say?! This is the best PV out of all of them!! I think its pictures are very meaningful!! The codes and how everything is coded! And because this song's lyrics was written by Ryo himself, and we know how ridiculously shy he is, the dark and gloomy environment is very well-suited to this song! With the occasional red flases, it displays the passion when he's shouting YEAH YEAH YEAH~~~~~♫!!

In the Making Of, he said what he said in his jweb, haha! He made the cutest Making Of with all his very spontaneous/almost immediate reactions of "SO EMBARRASSING!", hahaha~!!

Let me give my own "awards" out here! XD

Funniest!: Shige!
Freshest/Most Surprising!: Shige!
Most Meaningful!: Ryo!
Cutest!: Massu!
Best Costume!: Koyama!
Most Unexpected!: Koyama!
Sexiest!: Tego!
Most Passionate!: Ryo!
Best Making Of!: Ryo!
Best Dance/Dancing!: Massu!
Best New Rendition of Song!: Tego!
Brightest!: Massu!
Darkest..: Ryo..
Saddest..: Tego T_T
Most Boring..: YamaP..
Most Typical..: Koyama..
Tackiest Costume..: Massu's superman outfit
Worst Hairstyle..: Tego and Shige.. XD

Points: YamaP [-1], Ryo [2], Koyama [1], Shige [1], Massu [2], Tego [0]
Heehee, well, this is just my opinion~~~ You don't have to agree or disagree with me~~

-- All of them had girl/girls in the PVs except for Massu's
-- Koyama and Massu had real rain while Tego had fake rain
-- Most PVs were shot in the studios
-- Shige had the most number of costumes, others had 2 or 3

Overall.. I LOVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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