Monday, 16 November 2009 @ 23:58

Ryo's Session with Taichi in Premium 15.11.2009!

Ryo was on yesterday's Shounen Club Premium Session!!

Ryo sang 「あきれるくらい 僕らは願おう」 with Kokubun on the piano! This is really very very nice to listen to!! I took the whole day to upload this!! Enjoy!!

Good night!! ♥

Edit: Streaming saves us!!

あきれるくらい 僕らは願おう Akireru Kurai Bokura wa Negaou


elazul said...

*wake up to leave message*
Thank you for upload this..
*wipe my nosebleed*
like you said before, its very2 nice to listen nee?>.< and Kokubun played piano very well >.<

By the way, is Ryo-chan have a new jobs? he didn't show up in NEWS variety show ne?*cry*

Speak of Ryochan, is Uchi Hiroki will held a winter concert again?? Miss RyoHiro soo much <3

by the way, thanks again >.< and yes! Yucchi is Maru >.<


aenah said...

hi haru its me again... thanks for this... ryo sang it well.. is there a video of this? thanks very much....

HaruLoku said...

hi elazul and aenah~!! u're both welcome!

i've put the YouTube video in the post now, Ryo really sings so so so so well and with the right emotions!! ♥

Ryo and Kanjani8 will have exciting line up of singles to release for the crossing over to 2010!

As for NEWS variety, I dunno.. T_T Looks like NEWS won't have anything at all?! T_T!!

I dunno about Uchi and to be honest with you, I don't like Uchi, haha~~ ^_^

thankz for leaving me messages!! ^_^♥

elazul said...

Yes! With right emotion and it could be felt by us T.T excellent job Ryo! T.T

Single againn??My...My... Johnny-san really know how to make me diet and become poor again >.< *start to saving my money with tears*

You don't like Hiroki? Same with me *run* I just love how Ryo be friend with him. What a sweet friendship. Just like i love TomaPi and AkaMe. BTT the last concert will be at Osaka and its possible for Ryo to come ne?>.<

Otsukare Haru^^