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Soukon 走魂 Episode 2!

Soukon 走魂!! 2nd episode! It airs 10minutes later than was announced from last week!

4x100m relay!

They time how long each member takes to run 100m!

First up, Koyama! He gets 14.22seconds!

Next up, the fittest NEWS member, Tego! He gets.. nothing! At about the 30th metre, he gets a cramp!! OMG!! So pain!! T_T

They ran 8.5km the day before!! That's why! So crazy, the TV producers.. T_T HAHA

Koyama rushes to him first, Massu and Shige come from the start point, Koyama tries to stretch his leg.. He piggybacks him later~ Tego gets a massage..

Then the running continues, Massu runs! He gets 13.61seconds!! Fast!! ♥

Shige up next! He gets 16.04seconds! Slowest!! XD

Tego is stubborn, haha.. Koyama says that he hopes that Tego can get 12seconds~~ ♥ He gets 14.33seconds!! SO FAST!! He immediately plops onto the ground and yells SUPER PAIN!! HAHA Poor thing!!

But he springs up and says to do the relay.

He says that they're gonna do it once and for all.

So they set the record they want to break.. And it's..

Primary school girls record.. 51.32seconds. Hmmm......... Well, their total is slower than that by some 7seconds..!! XD

So they run.. And Koyama starts first, then Massu, then Tego and the last one is Shige.. And..

Shige doesn't catch the baton!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! XD Everyone faints, haha! Koyama has the premonition when Tego is running, he is worried about Shige and then.. it happens!! HAHA Koyama knows Shige so well XD

Actually, I somehow knew that Shige will definitely fail the first time round, haha!! XD Oopz! Gomen ne Shige!! XD

So they try again.. Even though everybody is aching!!

2nd try.. Same arrangement, Koyama, Massu, Tego then Shige and he succeeds in taking the baton! XD In the end..

55.69seconds.. Everybody is frustrated! XD They don't want to admit defeat, they think they can do better next time!!

The staff tell them that they can try methods that will help them run faster, Koyama says that they should have told them earlier, haha! So who do they get to go and buy these items?! Of course it's Shige! HAHA!!

He uses 8minutes to jog to LAWSON to buy the stuff and go back to the track. Then they take the bag and ignore him, HAHAHA!! So cute, gang up to bully him~~ XD I like hard love, HAHA! XD

Item 1, rubber band to tie around your feet.. Er, I don't understand the logic behind this, haha!

Item 2, gum to chew, it can help you concentrate better..?! What if you run halfway and you swallow the gum!?!!??! HAHAHA~!!

So they try the relay for a 3rd time.. They try a new arrangement.. They put Shige first! OMG.. Then Massu, Koyama, and then Tego. And they get..

55.88seconds, even worse! T_T They are SUPER frustrated!!

From my experience, not the running part, but the theory part XD, the slowest runner cannot be put in the first or last place!! HAHA~~ In my opinion, the 2nd position should be the best for the slowest runner~ Coz you need a good start, you need a good last spurt, the 3rd guy can save the time loss from the 2nd guy, haha! Yup, that's the way I see it~~ ^_^v

In the end, they get 2 points!! [Remember? They need to get points in order to plant trees!! ♥]

Later, they go this wonderful Running Gym!! There's massage, and stuff!!

Tego and Shige run on the treadmill while the staff give them instructions/questions.

1. What is your name and how old are you?
Tego: Tegoshi Yuuya 22 years old.
Shige: Kato Shigeaki 22 years old.

2. What is your height and weight?
Tego: 170cm 56kg
Shige: 176cm 60kg What is this?!

3. What would you want to eat as your last meal?
Tego: My parents' homecooked meal, like curry etc..
Shige: 1 litre of something.. [oopz, I forgot!! XD]

I think there are only 3 questions, haha! I don't remember even though it's just a few minutes after the show has ended.. O my memory.. T_T

Well, I hope you will enjoy it!!

I still hope that P and Ryo would go on the show AT LEAST ONCE~! They are a part of NEWS and they represent LAWSON TOGETHER!! So yeah, here's to hoping!! *crosses fingers*

Good night~!! ♥

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