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Kanjani∞ no Janiben 関ジャニ∞のジャニ勉 23.12.09

Start of the year, once.. End of the year, once.. HAHAHA XD

My listening's not so good yet, so I don't understand them, haha.. I can only catch what I understand XD

Guest is Nishimura Kazuhiko. They're examining fingerprints because he played a detective in a past drama. Hmm.........

Today, Ryo-chan wears a grey outer with patterned collar, grey shirt on the inside, a brown-grey hat, red berms..?! @.@ Only he can wear this kinda combination and look good, haha!

5 out of the 7 wear hats!!

Next, they discuss about the healthy juice Nishimura makes for his wife and son.

The first comment out of Ryo's mouth after seeing Nishimura's wife's photo is: Big breasts!

OMG!! HAHAHAHA!! XD That's why we love him, right?!! XD

Nishimura went to GREAT lengths to get his wife!!

Apple, milk, yoghurt, vegetables (小松菜), lemon juice, banana = Nishimura Family Healthy Juice

They all say that it's nice!! Wow, we can try it, haha XD

Next, he likes to shop for cooking tools~~ In Kyoto's Isetan~!

They play a game~ There are the top 5 popular kitchen tools, he has to place them in order of their value, from most expensive to cheapest~

First one, Kame demo-ed this before, it's the can opener which will automatically open your can~!

Subaru is so funny!

B, a red container that has food in it, put it into the microwave.. Wait.. Take it out and you can eat the food!!

C, a knife. Very nice and SHARP knife. I would guess this one is the most expensive, haha.. That's what I think for now~ Let's see the others~

D, a super automatic takoyaki maker!!!!!!!! OMG!! Super amazing!! It turns the takoyaki itself PERFECTLY ROUND!!

E, a super automatic apple peeler!! It will revolve the apple itself and peels PERFECTLY!!

The results..:

C 18900yen [I think.. Can't remember their prices XD]
D 5000+yen
B 5000+yen
A 5000+yen
E 1000+yen

I was correct!!!!!!!! But I didn't bother to put the others in order, haha.. However, Nishimura gets everything in perfect order and gets to take them ALL HOME!! OMG!! That knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GIFT commercial!! I really love Ryo's voice at the end!! AH!!!!!!!!!! Too sexy~! ♥_♥

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