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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Kamenashi Kazuya — 15.12.09


kazuya kamenashi MANUAL.42


Firstly, yesterday's Best Artist

Shuuji-kun Failed at the start of the song

The timing of the turn done with Akira-kun was wrong, when we finished turning,, Nari hibiita have already started (tears)

Even though it's finally AMIGO, sorry

And x2

The Kamenashi Kazuya-kun and Taguchi Junnosuke-kun who had planned to make a Michael pose after KAT-TUN's song

I was betrayed

Taguchi Junnosuke-kun didn't do it

Surprised Even though Ueda Tatsuya-kun and Chief Nakamaru Yuuichi were supervising us discussing lots about this before the real thing

Well, forget it

Surely, Taguchi Junnosuke-kun didn't know who Michael is (laughs)

Surely it's that, it can't be wrong (laughs)

And, after Best Artist, Kamenashi Kazuya-kun became Takano Kyouhei in Seven Changes and gets buried in the snow early in the morning

This time, we're also shooting happily and harmoniously with quite a nice Team

The details are, please watch the 1st episode of「Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge」airing on 15th of January

So, wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year

Ah, by the way, today is the release date of KAT-TUN's DVD

Please check it out properly


-- "Seven Changes" is the title's last 3 kanjis' meaning.

-- "Team" was written in English.

OMG!! EMOJI SPAM KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, seriously!! XD I think he can express the meaning of an entire sentence using only emoji!! XD

Anyway, I'm not planning to buy the DVD, gomen ne Kame and Jin~~ XD

He didn't show it on his face when he forgot to sing the Nari hibiita~~ But it's cool, no biggie~~

I can't wait to see him as Kyouhei in the new drama next year!! OMG!!!!!!!!! I loved that anime for its super ridiculous story and art! XD But I didn't like the art enough to keep it XD So now, I can't recap the anime in detail~~

Also, I wanna see Tego!! ♥♥

Looking forward to the new drama! ♥

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