Tuesday, 8 December 2009 @ 23:41

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Nakamaru Yuuichi — 8.12.09


yuichi nakamaru MANUAL.41

Greetings to you from the handphone screen

I'm now at someplace within Tokyo, trying on new costumes while eating lunch

Beside me, Akanishi is eating pasta with an "It's delicious" face

Later, there will be dance rehearsal and location shoots

"Nakamaru no Page" is having the 3rd Anniversary Project

Please check it out, everyone


He always uses the same icons for the last part, right? Haha~~

Anyway, he mentioned Jin! XD ♥

So, KAT-TUN along with ARASHI, NEWS, TOKIO, V6 and Kanjani8 will be appearing in NTV's Best Artist 2009 on 15th Dec at 7pm [Japan time]! 4 hours show!~ OMG! So super long~~~~~

Anyway, how could one eat while busy wearing clothes?! HAHA~~ XD

Nakamaru's so funny~~

So, good night~!! ♥


-eLazuL iLnes- said...

YUCCHI~ cho kawaii >.< He always eating while doing many things :D can't he just shut up his mouth while eat?XD

Is the costume for the NTV? or single? ToT My friend told me that KAT-TUN may be have another single recording ToT If that's true then I have more reason to meet Yucchi and Ryo and then ask their signature. . normal isn't it? but I will give a trick and make them sign on wedding contract XD okay. . . I'm going crazy XDD


HaruLoku said...

hmm i dunno what his new costumes are for~~

if KAT-TUN releases a new single this year, it would be advertised already.. Most likely early next year or something..?

unfortunately, johnny-san told them not to give signature, unless they throw those boards and balls during concerts.. T_T

no wedding contract! every ryo fan will kill u, haha!! kidding! XD

thankz for dropping by~!! ^_^

-eLazuL iLnes- said...

yes. . . if its single, then it must be for next year. . . After Jin's and Kame's job done :D
Yeah, i knew they won't give the signature. That's why I have B PLAN :D Kidnap them. . .*evil laugh* Hey, don't kill me! I will share Ryo-chan with you *wink* Force him to sign two contract :D help me kidnap them!

okay. . . its late here and my head hasn't fixed yet XD doita~ you've done a great job. . . can't wait for next update!