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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Tanaka Koki — 24.11.09


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Long time no see
Recently went to YamaPi's LIVE

Veeery cool
During our high school times, we did stupid things and got scolded by the teachers together, went to sleepover at YamaP's house, or YamaP coming to my house, even though that time we're also colleagues, the feelings of being classmates were stronger. Shooting "Byakkotai" made us strongly realised we're also colleagues…
When shooting "Byakkotai", it was the time when the feeling of hatred for losing was the strongest
But the one doing stupid things like that and doing work have grown up and could stand on this great stage and give a performance with such indomitable spirit…
Even though it's incredible, the feeling of hatred for losing becomes even stronger.
Greatly stimulated
And speaking of Akira, it's Shuuji
With Kame, the 2 of us, was it on my birthday, or two days after that? I think?
We went to eat together
We ate shabu shabu according to my wish
Super delicious
Because the meat is so fresh I can even eat it raw
About the future, about our work, crappy topics…
We chatted a lot
Kame-chan, it's okay
I'm already 24 years old
In the middle of the 20s
Not young anymore
Continuing to try not to lose to anyone, even by a bit
The me who's pragmatically hardworking will work hard
Even though I don't know what will happen in the future a few years later…
Encourage each other to work hard
Surpass and surpass, work hard and work hard…
Let's eat shabu shabu with laughter a few years later

Received good stimulation from Shuuji and Akira, I will work hard from now on too
In about the middle of this month, I started to want to learn dancing
I like to dance, so I'm very looking forward to it

Recently it's cold, so be careful to keep warm when sleeping?
So bye

His jweb is always hard to translate T_T

But very meaningful and you can tell he is a kind person despite his looks, haha!! ♥

He's actually a cute person, see, he likes to use emoji, haha~~ XD

Ganbatte, Koki!! ♥

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