Friday, 4 December 2009 @ 15:30

KAT-TUN MANUAL — Ueda Tatsuya — 1.12.09


tatsuya ueda MANUAL.41

I'm Ueda Tatsuya.
Finally entering December, it's getting increasingly cold too ne.
And this year is not left with much days but, everyone please be careful not to catch a cold ne!

By the way
The answer to the last entry was Yume no Kuni. So bye!

-- "Yume no Kuni" means a country in his dream or a dream-like country.. But where the hell is that?!

Is he rescuing some princess in his Hentai Kamen in his yume no kuni?! Haha!! XD

His entry is so short!!


-eLazuL iLnes- said...

Oh my! I offline for a few days and you already gave me many manual to read XD~

hisashiburi~ I'm in a middle of exams week ToT that's why I'm not stalking your blogs for a few days ToT since, today is weekends, i choose to drop by. do you miss me huh?*slap*

OTSUKAME HARU~ Thanks for your hard work! now, I will start to read all entries that i've missed! ItadakiMASSU! ^o^ I will back with comments! jaa!

HaruLoku said...

Hehe, enjoy them!

Ganbatte for ur exams!!

Thankz for dropping by whenever u're able to!


-eLazuL iLnes- said...

I'm back! ^o^
Tat-chan's manual really short with very random things XD while Koki's very long XD ah yeah, Koki always kinda jealous when someone near YamaPi xD like in Queen of pirate XDD I haven't watch soukon. didn't have any free time to download ToT and Ryo's NEWSMILE, RYO! MARRY ME XDD I will give you many cute child XD I ever read a magazine about Ryo said to have 11 child. he must be kidding XD otsukare Haru XD take care!

HaruLoku said...

11 children?!?!?!?!!? hahaha so many! soccer team!

hehe, thankz, elazul!