Friday, 18 December 2009 @ 22:13

"M Dokkiri"

I know I'm late~~~~ "M Dokkiri" is actually an elaborate project to mess with the purple ranger in Eito Rangers! HINA!!

They are all so funny! The plan was really elaborated and it looked real enough for Hina!

This entire clip can be found in the B package of PUZZLE DVD!!

Enjoy this long clip~!! ^_~♥

If it doesn't load, click here to watch!


aenah said...

haru... hi! can i ask u something?.. i do really want to watch the puzzle concert of Kanjani8... where can i watch the full dvd? pls.. thanks

HaruLoku said...

hi~! i have not watched the puzzle DVD yet too~! i don't have it and dunno where i can watch it, maybe you can check at the JE-INDEX?

good luck!! ^_^♥