Sunday, 13 December 2009 @ 00:07

Package Arrived!

Yup!! The package that I was worried about has arrived in my mailbox!! So happy!! ^_^v

The package includes Loveless, Bandage, Doraemon and the free gift toy! As for the NEWS Live Diamond DVD, it's from the last package before this one, haha! XD So I just took their pictures together!

Also, I've already ordered Tegomass' Live DVD and Kanjani8's Gift~Green~!! But they would only arrive next year February.. T_T It's such a looooooong wait!!


prasasti_puteri said...

~u have both?~
~and let me guess..~
~BTR DVD will coming soon?~
~how u got it all...?!!~


HaruLoku said...

hi~! thankz for leaving me a message!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ♥

yup, i have both Loveless and Bandage!

hmmm, what's BTR DVD?

i bought them over at! hehe~~ they're very good ^_^