Thursday, 17 December 2009 @ 23:10

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 17.12.09

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
16.12.09 1915h


Now on the way from Osaka to Tokyo.
In Shinkansen.

Very fast.

Yasu-chan is playing game.

I'm listening to music.

I think, I will work hard tomorrow too.


Work hard

Ok................................... -_-"


How could he not know about his own rib is fractured?! He felt pain but only went to the doctor's quite late! -_-"

That must mean he didn't fall or anything serious.. AND YET, his rib broke.. His bones must not be very strong la!! He must drink more milk!! I drink milk EVERY MORNING, haha~~ XD

Dunno what he's doing!! Doing acrobatics?! Being a gymnast?! OMG!! So worried -_-"

Anyway, apparently, his rib fractured about one month ago.. So it should be healed by now, but even so, he looked really tired, according to a fan who was lucky enough to be audience to the 3rd Janiben filming of 16th Dec!! Wow, so they rushed back to Tokyo right after filming 3 episodes of Janiben!! So tiring!! T_T

You know, it's not so easy to attend the filming as a member of the audience! According to the lucky fan, you cannot wear shoes higher than 2cm! They will really use rulers to measure!! o.O Then, after the filming, you cannot stay or loiter around the area because it's the rules! OMG!! These kinda thing is.. ridiculous.. -_-"

Why does Yasu need to go to Tokyo?

At least, Ryo-chan used an emoji~ The one he always use if he uses one.. ♥

Anyway, today's Soukon will only air at 3am in Japan's time!! OMG?!!??!!?! How can they do that?!?!!? T_T I can't wait up for it, it's too late for me, I'm sick!! T_T


Anyway, good night, girl!! ♥

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