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Soukon 走魂 Episode 5!

Exact timing STARTO!! XD

They're gonna be running bridges!! OMG, the day of location shoot is 10degrees celsius at the coldest!! And it's raining!!

Are?! Massu becomes narrator?!

They're required to say a dajare [gag]?!?! XD

They are split into 2 groups: Massu and Koyama, Shige and Tego

One runs while the other narrates the history of the bridge. Upon reaching the end, the runner has to say a dajare based on the bridge's name.

First bridge they run: Kiyosubashi

Shige's Dajare: Hashi wo hashitta

Tokyo's only moving bridge: Urban Gate Bridge

Shige's Dajare: Kaa-chan to date wa muri

Tokyo's shortest bridge: Shinmukai Ohashi

Massu's Dajare: Karada no shinmukai oohashi~

Able to see Mt Fuji: Kiyosuna Ohashi

Tego's Dajare: Kiyossuna ~something~

Shining golden bridge: Kuramaebashi

Koyama's Dajare: Kore kuramae no obento hako ni

River's cross junction: Onagigawa Clover Hashi

It's really a cross!! So 4 of them run at the same time to the center!!

Shige's Dajare: ~something~

Koyama's Dajare: Asoko no furoba

Tego's Dajare: Kuro BAD

Massu's Dajare: Kuroba

And the Dajare Master is~~~~~~~

Koyama!! HAHA!! XD The staff chose him!

This episode, they get 4 points!! Yay! ^_^v

At night, an emergency meeting is opened. But only Tego, Massu and Koyama with the staff. They would like to have a revenge on the 4x100m relay they failed last time! They want to improve Shige's time!

The staff ask Shige and he agrees to it!! YAY!! The Improve Shige's Time Project STARTO!! XD

Let's look forward to next week!! ♥

Good night!! ♥

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