Friday, 25 December 2009 @ 00:38

Soukon 走魂 Episode 7!

Right on time~!! ♥

Run in the ZOO!!

A problem arises.. It's evening time already! An hour left of sunlight!

To make things interesting, they are to take photos of ten animals~!


To make things more interesting, they are to tie their legs to each others' legs! 4 people running only with 4 legs!!

No.9 = Penguin

Then my tv software crashed!!!!!!!! When I managed to get it back, Massu was scared by something, haha! XD

No.8 = Chimpanzee! Massu says, "Do you know?! Chimpanzee's DNA is 98.8% similar to ours?" Massu is so scared he hugs Shige! HAHA!! Shige says that he is scared by Massu instead of the Chimpanzee! HAHA XD

No.7 = White Tiger~ Massu says a fact again, "White Tigers come from Bengal." HAHA!! He's so funny!! He's scared again, by the White Tigers, haha!! XD

No.6 = Africa Elephant~ They went home already, because of the temperature! But after NEWS discusses with the breeder, they get to go to where they are!!

4:30pm, not much sunlight left!!

No.5 = Pony~ It's closed today! They run to find the riding area, but it's closed too, at 3pm!! In the end, they take photo with the cardboard pony, haha~

5pm.. really not much sunlight~!

No.4 = Akakangaru

No.3 = Giraffe

No.2 = Shiro fukurou [White Owl] looks at them coldly, even though they try to make it laugh by laughing at it.. -_-" HAHA XD

No.1 = Lion

The 4 animals that they didn't get to take a photo with were completed by the staff members the next day, haha~

This time, they get 2 points!

Shige's training looks very tough!! x.X His trainer looks like a tough person too!

Shige tries very hard ne!! Next episode, I think it will be too tough for him until he cries?! That's what the preview showed, a picture of him with tears.. XD Aww, ganbatte, Shige!! ♥

Saw a commercial.. 23 Jan 9pm Saturday, Hidarime Tantei will start!! Yoko and Yamada!!


Good night!! ♥

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