Thursday, 14 January 2010 @ 00:36

Kanpani 関パニ 14.1.10 Epi 14

Every Wednesday at 1:36am Japan time on TV Asahi is KANPANI!!

関パニ [KanPANI] = Company

HAHA! The introduction is that Kanjani8 belongs to a very poor company with an unknown boss [Johnny-san] and they are AD-san, haha! XD They do really stupid things and they're SO FUNNY!! XD

So today's episode is about answering questions with different answers for all the members! If any one of them has the same answer as another, they have to a be punished together by having flour poured over them! HAHA~!

They lost 6 times and finally succeeded at the 7th time! But that's only the 1st level!! By this time, they're already blended with the white wall!! Where is K8?!

They succeeded in 2+hours' time!! LOL~~! Eh?! Did they clear all 3 levels or only till level 2?! HAHA! XD

Ryo couldn't breath the flour-polluted air and yelled, "Please give some fresh air!!" HAHAHA!! So cute!! XD ♥♥

Good night~!! ♥

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