Wednesday, 31 March 2010 @ 12:18


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's released today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My order was shipped out too, it will reach me soon!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHO HAPPY~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! XD

1. Sakura Girl came out as full version on the radio some time ago and since then I've been listening and singing it non-stop, lol~~ I love love love love this song!! ♥

2. Anata ga Tonari ni Iru Dake De is a very nice song! It has a very soothing melody and the lyrics is so sweet and touching! OMG!! T_T!! I want my future boyfriend to sing this to me!! That's the kind of song it is!! ♥

3. Love Melodies has a very happy tune and it's light~ It has sweet lyrics too!! So cute~!!

4. Sakura Girl (A capella) is simple and sweet! It's much slower but everyone's voice blended together so nicely!! ♥

3. FREEDOM is the fastest song in the single~ It's the song that is most suitable for their live concert, lol~~ XD

OMG~! SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't bought it, please go and buy it NOW!!!!!!!!


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