Sunday, 11 April 2010 @ 09:30

NEWS First Theme Song "Be Funky!"

OMG~!! NEWS' first official theme song!! For Shige's drama, Troubleman!!!!!!!!!

Nice song!!

I can't wait to hear the full song and watch the drama!!


Anonymous said...

Hi how are u ? My name is Vicky . I just visited ur block for the first time bz I like Ryo and would like to read his diary . Can I ask u that how u can find diary of ryo in Japanese bz I am learning Japaniese so would like to learn Japanese by reading his diary eventhough u write in romaji in ur block but I would like to read in Japanese bz would like to know Kanji more so can you help me ^^ Thank u

HaruLoku said...

Hi Vicky~! welcome to my blog~!!

it's not convenient for me to reveal his Japanese blog, but you can find it on the net by entering "錦戶亮日記" into Google. the top THREE result is your best bet, good luck ^_^

i'm learning Japanese too, his jweb is very easy to read ^_^

and, you're welcome ^_^ please drop by anytime~!

Anonymous said...

HI Haruloku.... Thank you for ur recommendation but as i searched ,I found Diary of Ryo has only in chinese and another one that is Japanese is this website but Im not sure that it is his diary or not so could u plz check it for me ? Please ...
by the way,If u dont mind ,could u put Japanese in ur blog too so I can understand the meaning easily hahahaha Thank u

HaruLoku said...

Hi Vicky-chan~! You can call me Haru ^_^

The link that you gave me is not Ryo's blog, it's just a fangirl too in love with Ryo like me! LOL~~

I'm sorry, but I can't type the Japanese words because I don't have the rights, I can only romanise and translate it for you~

You can type them back into hiragana in your own computer's notepad, I'm sorry I can't help more..!

Do drop in next week for Ryo's jweb ne! I'm sorry that I just couldn't be disciplined enough to translate KAT-TUN Manual every week too, lol~~ T_T