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NEWSmile -- Ryo -- 24.3.10

☆「NEWSmile」 Konkai no TEEMA wa 『Kimochi no agehou』

Nishikido Ryou

Nishikido Ryou desu.
"Kimochi no agehou" desu ka.
Yappari neru toka gohan wo kuu toka!
Ningen no kihondeki na yoku wo mitasu koto desu ne.
Ato wa HAMUSUTA- to asobu koto desu ka ne.
MIRUKU to KOKONATTSU tte iu namae nandesu ka do.
Uso desu (shou)

HAMUSUTA- kattemasen.
DaitaiHAMUSUTA- tte isshoni asobimasen ka ne.
Miteru dake nandeshou ka?
Maa konna fuu ni shou mo nai uso toka,
kudaranai koto wo hanasu no mo kibun tenkan ni naru shi,
soshitara kibun no agaruyou
na ki ga shimasu.

Demo yoiko wa maneshinai de ne

Ijou, Nishikido Ryou deshita.

24/3 ◆Nishikido Ryou no Kan◆


☆「NEWSmile」 The theme this time is 『The way to be happy』

Nishikido Ryo

I'm Nishikido Ryo.
"The way to be happy" eh.
Of course, it's to sleep or eat, etc!
To fulfil the basic needs of a human being, right?
Then it's to play with hamsters, yeah?
Hamsters named Milk and Coconut.
It's a lie (laughs)

I don't rare hamsters.
You don't usually play with hamsters, do you?
Only look at them, right?
Well, things like telling lies or,
talking crap, etc, can also change your feelings,
and you will feel happy
that's what I think.

But good kids don't follow this yo

That's all, this was Nishikido Ryo.

24/3 ◆Nishikido Ryo's Volume◆

OMG!!!!!!! RYO IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



colors-of-joy said...

Konichiwa~~~ Haru-chan my dear♥♥,hope everything is going well with you ^O^

Ryo chan ♥ became beyond cuteness actually , this lovely little liar *teasing* ,he is just sooo sweet ,i hoped really that he has those cute little Hamsters he talked about *kya~~*,even the names are pure cuteness ^O^

i love refresh & thoughtful - and of course cute - Ryo chan ^O^

i hope he get some work soon though,the boy really look depressed over the non-work period he faces lately *laugh*,and after we was begging him to rest & stop working because of his "24 hours a day 7 days a week" crazy schedule!,now we are pity him and hope he will get busy soon XD

thank you so much as always my dear for your hard work & for sharing that heartfelt voice of Ryo chan with us ^O^,because of you we can know him better,please always take care of him like you do ♥ ^O^

Ganbatte kudasai ^-^

i'm here today with A BIG NEWS !! Yatta~~~~ NEWS are going to sing the theme song for shige's new drama "trouble man" i'm sooo happy ,at laaaast they going to have their of proper publicity like others ! ,shige in a leading role & NEWS in a theme song & maybe upcoming Single who knows?*amazed*

really hope they will get more work & popularity as a group after year of solo project *teary eyes*

for more info about it here:


also there is community dedicated for the drama & everything related to it - they going to sub it as well ^^ -here :

Yoshaaa~~ i guessed that you mush know about it ^O^

Have a spectacular day full of happiness dear ^_^

Best Regards ♥

HaruLoku said...

YEAH i also thought so: how nice it'd be for him to really have the hamsters with those names!! LOL!!

i've been doing great! my computer revived after being dead this morning! XD

haha, yeah, Ryo is the type who cannot stop working, i'm this type too! XD

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! their first official theme song project omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thankz for telling me this great news, hal-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

i hope you have a wonderful day as well, dear Hal-chan!!