Thursday, 29 April 2010 @ 23:59

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 29.4.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
28.4.10 1755h

Boku wa kyou mo ikitemasu
Boku wa ima wo ikitemasu

Ittai itsu made tsudzukun deshou ka?

Ima wo ganbarou


I'm alive today too
I'm living in the present

Till when does it continue?

Let's work hard in the present

OMG!! What happened to him?! What made him think like this yesterday?!

Did he read or watch something that provoked such thoughts?

Or was he thinking about how meaningless his life is?!

Did somebody scold him?!

Just what is it?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

I have so many questions that I know won't be answered, I'm sure you're the same as well. T_T

I just hope he doesn't entertain suicidal thoughts like I do. I mean, is there anything for him to be sad about life?! Maybe he does, but from my point of view, he doesn't. He's living in my dream world. LOL~~ XD

He better not die, because he is my motivation to study very very hard in both my Japanese and my 2nd Diploma!! XD He must die after me in 74 years' time.

O.o That's long. XD

Anyway, I hope he's feeling well.. So worried.

I will always look at his picture and get very happy, then I stop and think, "Why do I love him so damn much?!" I have no answer.. LOL~~ XD

Good night~!! ♥


aenah said...

yes,, haru what is he thinking... he should be happy couse life is so beautiful... he must know that... anyways? any news about his movie? want to know! thanks for updating us haru chan... :D

Hal said...

Oh no~ i was waiting for his latest entry hoping it will clear more about his thoughts & what is in this mind,but i'm more worried now *teary eyes*

i'm so sad that he is feeling that lonely,i think those weird thoughts attacked him because he is not doing anything at all lately!! as if his career freezes suddenly without a warning ! no activities at all!! no NEWS Activities or Eito Activities ,while before they used to work together in the same time & make it so hard for the boy !XD both groups are so quiet for a while now!, and even there are no solo Activities for him whether as a singer or actor !!!

it's really strange after this long time - as the movie doesn't count ..he finished two months ago - i bet he feel so sad lately :(,and after we were begging him to rest & stop working because of his "24 hours a day 7 days a week" crazy schedule!,now we are pity him and hope he will get busy soon *teary eyes*

also all of his friends are busy with their works & no one for him,he is a workaholic for god sake! T_T,he can't stay like that without work and a lot of it!>_<

i really hope he'll get some work soon ,the boy really look depressed over the non-work period he faces lately, and because he is a johnny's\Idle then simply work is his whole life ! ,no regular work or love or new family..etc,he feeling that he is getting older & yet he didn't achieve all of his goals or even still think he is not secure with the only thing he dedicated himself for since his teenage !

i just didn't realize the great benefits of his work till he get free times like this !T_T,his hard work even if it was so heavy that made him incredibly tired,but it keep him busy,and was saving him from this sad & depressing thoughts! ,as he will only feel then that he is doing something in what he loved the most,someone like him always want to feel the meaning of his life,so when he is working,he feel as he pass all his magic & talent in him to others,and send them a piece of his heart & soul,so that he can do his best & not regret or feel tired ^^,and that's why in sometimes like this days he feel down because he isn't able to do so T_T

in my opinion,the Idols & famous people- including Ryo chan - are not the most happy people in the world but may be even one of the most miserable ones !,that Fame & popularity & that -looks like - ideal life that everyone are envying them for it and dreamed of it, doesn't come without consequences & Stiff price after all unfortunately ^^,those crazy times with the stress under the spotlights 24 hours a day from the Paparazzi & the media & the lost inside when they felt lonely and no one with them despite their Fame !& not having the chance to live like a normal person in love & family,to feel insecure & always have to keep running like crazy & working non-stop or you will lose & be forgotten,made them miserable most of the time & never let the, feel the beauty of life i guess T_T

also Ryo chan always feel worried about his career in entertainment world,those depressing memories of him staying in Osaka with no job for almost a year in his early days in Johnny's juniors must hit him once in a while :(

hope his friends will give him some love and care as they always do ^_^,i hope the Eito can do it in their shows together - as NEWS has no activities & no Show as well ! *teary eyes*

i think Ryo chan need more love lately as well :(,Johnny-san please give him work,even a solo actives :(

Thank you so much for your translation my dear Haru-chan *Hug*♥ & for keeping us updated always ^ ^,hope he will made us less worried in his next entry

Oh Ryo Chan my dear~ be strong & stay healthy & OK please~~ i know it's only a depressing time and it will go away soon ,you'll be fine my dear ♥

Have a lovely day my dear ^O^

HaruLoku said...

@ aenah-chan: There it is~!! The cute pudding phone strap is a big hit!! ♥

@ Hal-chan: Thankz for your long comment!! I agree that Ryo is a workaholic~!! He's too free lately, so that's why weird thoughts will pop into his head~! LOL~~ XD