Tuesday, 18 May 2010 @ 23:47

Haru's Collection Till Now!

Hi my dear girl~! ♥

Since I have tidied up my room, I'm gonna show you my entire collection of DVDs and CDs! ♫ Not impressive at all!! XD Please don't expect anything grand!

From the right, near to my door~ This is my room ^_^v Very small~ T_T

I'm sure you can recognise and name all of them! ♥

Top: NEWS Never Ending Wonderful Story (Normal Edition)[Watched halfway]
Left of 2nd row: NEWS Diamond LIVE (Limited Edition)[Opened but haven't watched]
Right of 2nd row: KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates (Limited Edition)[Opened but haven't watched]
Left of 3rd row: NEWS Pacific LIVE (Limited Edition)[Opened but haven't watched]
Right of 3rd row: Tegomass 1st LIVE TOUR (Limited Edition)[Opened but haven't watched]

Again, I'm sure you can recognise all of them! ^_~♥

KAT-TUN's Love yourself, RESCUE, ONE DROP, Real Face. NEWS' Sakura Girl, Koi no ABO, color, SUMMER TIME, Taiyou no Namida. Kanjani8's GIFT ~Green~, Musekinin Hero, WAHHAHHAA. Tegomass' Tegomass no Ai, Tegomass no Uta, Miso Soup. YamaP's Loveless. Jin's BANDAGE.

Most of them are Limited Edition. Real Face, Koi no ABO, Taiyou no Namida, Miso Soup and Loveless are Normal Edition. Love yourself is Jacket B because of Jin's solo song. XD


Other goods include a Ryo uchiwa from Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008 [one of the best hairstyles that Ryo had! ♥] and a Ryo folder from.. I forgot! XD It's most likely the Diamond one, but I really cannot remember and I think I put it in a safe and high place, so I can't go and take it out to see now, lol~! XD

See? Not impressive at all, lol~~ XD

I will add to my collection whenever NEWS and Tegomass release new single or album! DVDs too! Others.. Hmm.. Yeah.. XD

Thankz for viewing my humble room! Let's look forward to Ryo's entry the day after tomorrow! ♥

Good night to you, dear!! ♥

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