Saturday, 8 May 2010 @ 22:16

Hey Girl by Jin ft. Ryo

Hey girl, have you heard this song on YouTube and read the lyrics?

As much as I love Jin, I think his lyrics totally ruined Ryo's melody. Ok, they composed it together, but to put Ryo's name there.. I'm just sad that Ryo has a part in this -_-"

Jin's English lyrics are always about meeting girls and clubbing and all those shit. So sick of it. Why the hell does Jin like this kinda life?! Smoking, drinking, clubbing, godknowswhat.. So unhealthy. T_T The worst part? He's proud of it all.

The rapping in this song is not cool and I don't like it. For me, rap music is cool and has a rhythm that is easy to follow and catchy and memorable, but this song's rap is just "let's run finish this whole paragraph before getting to the chorus" kinda thing.

If I seriously think about it, I think I can come up with a better rap that pauses just a bit at all the right timing. With good English.

I really love Jin, but the way he's like that nowadays.. 我不敢苟同。受け入れられないんですよ。


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