Wednesday, 26 May 2010 @ 20:15

I Love Ryo ♥

I Love Ryo ♥

I love Ryo so much and I really dunno why. All these while, reading his interviews, watching him on TV etc, I have found that we have lots in common. Like, we don't drink coffee, we don't eat raw fish, we like to draw, and many more~

NEWS is out of sight again, I really miss them.. But luckily, Kanjani8 is coming out with a new single, so that means I get to see Ryo again! I really miss him a lot.. T_T

In order to save money to go to Japan, I will not be able to buy their magazines and CDs/DVDs anymore.. Unless it's NEWS CD/DVD.. XD Everything I do, I do it for Ryo. And myself, lol!! XD

But, yes, I love Ryo ♥

From Haru with ♥

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