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Ryo in Summer Drama 2010!!

YES~!! Finally, our Ryo is gonna have a new drama for us to chase!! Can't wait!!

There are so many words and I just wanna faint after reading everything, lol.. I'll just do a quick translation and for the drama character names, I dunno how to pronounce them, please forgive me!!

『ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官』"JOKER Unforgivable Investigator"

Starring: Sakai Masato
Supporting: Nishikido Ryo and Anne
Start date: 13 July 2010
Start day: Tuesday
Start time: 9pm Japan time

伊達一義 [Sakai Masato] » He is an investigator in the Kanagawa police division 1. By day, he is gentle and bullied, but by night, he becomes the cold-blooded punisher of the guilty. He is a two-face which is "justice" on one side and "violating morals" on the other.

久遠健志 [Nishikido Ryo] » He is a coroner. He is a violent [deep inside] person who had been emotionally scarred before. While he thinks that 伊達 is an idiot, he knows the differences between him and the others. He has strong reactions towards "evil" but that cannot be truly called "sense of justice".

Ryo: 「素敵な役者の方々と共演できることを今から楽しみにしています。単純に“面白い!”と言えるドラマになるよう、精一杯がんばりますので皆様も楽しみにしていてください」
[From now on, I'm looking forward with anticipation to working with the wonderful actors. For the drama to become purely "Interesting!", I will work my hardest, so, everyone, too, please look forward to it]

宮城あすか [Anne] » She is 伊達's new partner who has a strong sense of justice.

This is an entertaining drama that revolves around the theme of the anger, sadness and love in human nature. While they are cracking a case, "What justice is", "What evil is", "What 'human punishes human' is all about" and so on will be presented to the audience.

Ryo's character is another "grey area" type again, haha~~ But it's okay, he's a great actor! He can pull anything off!! I wanna watch this drama!!!!!!!! XD

About the lead actor, I find that he has a creepy face, half smiling, half not, I dunno how to call it -_-" I watched him in Triangle, super weird and creepy!! XD

I have no idea who Anne is because I've never seen her drama before. But she is so freaking tall!! OMG.. She's taller than both the guys on this show, omg! WHAT?!?!?!? XD She really looks a LOT like her handsome dad, Watanabe Ken~ Hoho~~

I think that this is definitely a very interesting drama because it's about human nature! I LOVE this type~ XD

July will be such a happy month!! YAY!! ^_^v ♥

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