Saturday, 17 July 2010 @ 23:41

KAT-TUN becomes KaT-TUN..!!


Logged into FB and the first thing I saw shocked me.. Jin is OUT of KAT-TUN!! OMG!! A few months ago, we were assured that they won't break up just because Jin is going America to hold concerts instead of releasing Going and NMP and performing in the World Big Tour together with the rest of the KAT-TUN members. But now, it is true, Jin will leave while KAT-TUN becomes KaT-TUN and works as a 5-member group. OMG!!

I can hear my heart breaking.. T_T

The A in the name will be replaced by the second letter in Kamenashi's name. So my opinion of how it HAS to look like is KaT-TUN.

I really can't imagine.. OMG..

But does this mean that we will have more opportunity to see Jin because he will be in America and not in Japan, bounded by the Jimusho?

Because now, we can communicate with him freely on twitter, so it's a good start to great improvements. Even with Kame, we can communicate directly to him too on twitter. Apparently, NYC also can have normal blogs online, but I have lost Chinen's link after he moved due to stupid fans. ARGH!

Anyway, next year, Jin's activities will still be based in America, so you Americans are SO BLESSED!! ARGH!! SO ENVIOUS!! T_T

But I have to admit that the 5 members are indeed happier in the Making of Going video.. All five of them interacted TOGETHER instead of the 3-3 in the past.. What we see can tell us many things, so don't say that I thought too much. Because I believe the interaction I'm seeing in Making of Going and Making of other PVs are VERY different. You can go and watch them and see for yourself.

I will still love Jin and I will still love KAT-TUN. Not as much as I love NEWS, but yeah. XD

So long as Jin is happy, KT-TUN is happy, then, okay. ♥

Good night~ ♥

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