Thursday, 22 July 2010 @ 23:06

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 22.7.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
21.7.10 1750h

Ima POPOLO no shuzai wo shitemasu.
Mata botan wo hazusaremashita.
Minasan otanoshimi ni



Now, shooting for POPOLO.
Again, my buttons are opened.
Everyone, please look forward to it


Wa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XD ♥ We really don't mind that your buttons are opened again~ XD

Anyway, our dear Ryo-chan is SO FUNNY in JOKER!! HAHA!! His natural pervert self is in the drama! LOL!! I laugh every time when he looks at the girl with that kind of eyes and smile, lol!! *ROFL*

I watched JOKER episode 1 twice, and still find it nice~ I don't really re-watch stuff, so that's something! XD I watched the 2nd episode only today.. It's great!! OMG!! I love KUDOU!! He's very smart and knows how to get things he wants. In my opinion, he's gonna be the one to break or make Date-san. Kudou is such a mysterious person!! We know nothing about him yet!! [Except that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing XD] I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! ♥♥

First episode reeled in 13.9 viewership rating!! very good!! ^_^b

Second episode did better! 15.7!! YAY!! ^_^v

Let's hope the Japanese audience keeps chasing this drama every week!! ^_^v ♥

O yeah, YamaP's One in a million PV was out last night!! That's what I think because that was when I found it, lol~ XD

It actually has a storyline!! To me, the girl is undercover cop and YamaP had a vision into the future "If I went into the club", then he snapped back to reality and decided to just take the girl away~ Haha!! XD

Tell me what you think?!! ^_^♥

Good night!! ♥


Anna said...

Totally agree about Joker. Kudou is just amazing! Smart & Sexy, this role is fitting Ryo perfectly ♥

I laugh every time when he looks at the girl with that kind of eyes and smile, lol!! *ROFL*
ahaha, the same for me... I was replaying some scenes really a lot of times )

Lol, envious of people who already watched 3rd ep (it must be came some hours ago, ne). Dying to know how Kudou will interact with 'saint punishment' ideas =D

Love your idea in 'One in a Million'. Mb, Pi decided to sacrifice himself to distract police girl from his lovely but so suspicious club... haha. He is evil, she is gonna be fired after =D
For me, image of Yamapi in PV is totally 'I'm HOT and I have a MILLION girls wanting me, but now you are that ONE that will be with me for tonight' Hmm... it's good that title is not like 'Three in a Million at once' %-))))
Just kidding.
Thank you for your translates, will watch for them ♥

HaruLoku said...

Wahaha~~ I also repeatedly watch JOKER and never get sick of it!! ♥

I didn't try to watch the 3rd episode, I want to watch clear version instead of unclear KHTV version even though it's the actual broadcasting, lol~~

I like your idea about YamaP's PV too, lol~ Because he IS hot, lol!! XD My friend kept exclaiming how hot and delicious he is when I was playing his video in the office!! Now she has the song and PV in her iPod, lol!! XD

You're welcome! i love translating Ryo's jweb~ just forgive me for being lazy coz i stopped translating a lot of other jwebs.. T_T!!

Thankz for leaving a message!! ♥