Thursday, 29 July 2010 @ 19:52

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 29.7.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
28.7.10 1835h

Minna genki kai.

Ore da ze.
Ryou chan da ze.

Konshuumatsu kara iyoiyo
Eiga 「Chonmage Purin」
RO-DOSHO- da ze.

Minna zehi gekijou de mitekure yo na.
Matteru ze.

「KanPANI」DVD mo RIRI-SUshita ze.
Minna wa mita kai?
Ore wa mita ze.

Meccha omoshirokatta ze!

An na ni fuku wo kakaete waratta no wa roku nen gurai da ze.

Minna mo isshoni fuku kakaete waratte kure tara ureshii da ze!


Is everyone fine.

It's me.
It's Ryo-chan.

Finally from this weekend
Movie 「Chonmage Purin」
Will have a roadshow.

Please go to the cinemas to watch it, everyone.
I'll be waiting.

「Kanpani」 DVD's also released.
Has everyone watched it?
I watched it.

Very interesting!

It's been about six years since I laughed hysterically like this.

If everyone, too, laughs hysterically, I'll be happy!

LOL~~ Ryo is SO CUTE!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

He and his "da ze" again!! OMG!! SO CUTE!! What phase is he going through now?! The Kudou phase?! LOL!! So high eh~? XD

I watched JOKER 3 today.. OMG!! I felt heartpain!! XD But at the same time, I LOVE HIM WHEN HE WEARS THAT SINGLET!! LOL!!

Among everything that he wears anywhere, everywhere, I love this singlet on him the best!! LOL!! XD Love the shape of his arms, HAHAHA!! XD @.@"

And at the point 21:49.. OMG!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! OMG OMG OMG!! His "E-he" is omg omg omg omg!! I freeze-screen over there. LOL!! Now my other screen is this scene, haha!! XD

And yes, I LOVE Kanpani!! HAHA!! It's the funniest and stupidest thing!! LOL!! XD

Anyway, I look forward to JOKER 4~~!!


Hal said...

Sweet Haru-chan~~~✿✿ how are you my dear? missed you so much ^___^,so sorry for the sudden disappearance *teary eyes*

Yosha~~~ i have a great NEWS for you my dear *jumping all around in joy*

actually Our beloved NEWS are the ones who has a very big NEWS for us ,they will have their Live concert at laaaast after about 2 years without concerts - or decent activities if that matter! *teary eyes*,it will be short tour in next September between Osaka & Tokyo in the DOMES for only 5 days ^ ^ ,but who cares about the number of days?? XD,the most important thing that they will be together again & create their memorable moments with their fans who missed them like crazy & with each others as well♥ ,Yay~~~ ^_____^

the adorable boys sent a very cute messages to their fans through the JFC with their handwriting ^ ^( sorry i can't share it here now,please if you don't have it let me know to send it to you via personal message ;) )

and the surprises continue to fall over our heads XD,Ryo chan + shige +Yamapi had visited the last show of TegoMassu & they all sang with the two "Weeeek" on the stage ^ ^,and announced their new 4th Album at laaaaast *tears of happiness*,it will be called "Live" ,and of course our amazing "Be Fannky" will be in it ^______^:

Yatta~~~ i'm so so haaapy ,nothing official yet,but Kei-chan assured it in his radio show tonight ^ ^,telling us more details ^ ^:

waiting for pre-order links to show soon ^O^

Oh~~,our dear Ryo chan contain to be as cute & lovely as ever ..neh?^ ^ loved how he shared his happiness with us,and feel so relief to know he is OK and enjoying his time with Kanpani & those precious laughs of his ^O^,hope he'll be always happy & feeling comfortable ^ ^

Yay~~~i'm so excited about Chonmage purin ^^ ,even if i can't attended it myself & even if it will take sometime to buy\download it via the internet T_T,i can't wait to see the responds towards the movie from whom will attend after the big opening in theaters ~~,Ganbatte Ryo chan~~ he put a lot of efforts in this movie & also for its promotions ;)

do you remember our talk about Orthros's Photobook earlier dear? i did it again & ordered the photo book of the movie as well^_^,somehow i want to keep a part of this lovely memory in my hand as long as i can be there for it^ ^,and if it will not for a movie he is the leading role in it & all the focus on him,then when? ;)

i got it from CDJapan :

and it's on YesAsia as well ;) :

>>>>> trying hard to tempt you XD

Ah! ,by the way there is a special community for Joker Drama where you can find anything related to it - and the episodes as well ;) - :

i am officially in love with this drama ^O^,Ryo chan is doing an amazing job loved his wicked & mysterious yet so cute character ^ ^ ,and i loved Ann & Sakai -san as well ,lovely cast really ^ ^

*cough*,i think it was so long of me again XD,but i'm really so happy to be here again ^ ^,missed my torture to you *teasing*

Ganbatte kudasai~ in all you do ,wish you the best in every thing in your life ^O^

i just want to say hi - and it was a long one i know XD - after all this time ♥ ^ ^,and to bring you this amazing NEWS ;),Take care

wish you a very nice day full of joy ♥ ^O^

Best regards ♥♥

P.S : i felt really happy to know that you'll be able to attend KAT-TUN's live in Taiwan as you hoped,when will it be? wish you'll enjoy it my dear ^___^

HaruLoku said...

HI HAL-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i miss you~!! i'm fine~!! ^_^ just very busy~ haha~~

it's ok for disappearing, as long as you come here once in a while, it's good already! ♥

YEAH ME TOO! i'm SO HAPPY that they're finally having some activity!! Johnny is SO CRUEL to our NEWS!! UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

i wanna go their concert but it's impossible for foreigners without connections like me -_-"

i'm too poor to afford the photobook T_T but i have downloaded it, haha! but no matter what, i make sure i buy NEWS every album [i don't have "touch" though], haha!

i want the handwriting messages from NEWS!! please send it to me!!!!!!!!! do you have facebook, i can add you and fb-mail you my e-mail address, haha!

Chonmage purin has a lot of positive comments! it's even ranked number 9 on the movies charts recently in Japan!! YAY!!

JOKER!! i LOVE that drama so much! Ryo is being so pervert and mysterious, OMG!! I LOVE IT!! HAHAHA!! XD

yes, i can't believe i'll be seeing the REAL KAT-TUN!! OMG!!!!!!!! i'm so so so so excited!! LOL~!

anyway, thank you for visiting!! ^_^♥ xoxo

see you here again ok? *hugs*