Tuesday, 31 August 2010 @ 23:59


Dear girl!! I have some KAT-TUN concert goods to sell!! Everyone has a limit to how many you can buy! I bought as many as I could!

I have several files to sell! Sorry that I don't have any fans for sale! >.<"

File A
Size: A4
Quantity: 1
Price: SGD$16

File B
Size: A4
Quantity: 1
Price: SGD$16
Buyer: Shopaholic Angel [10 Sep '10]

File C
Size: A4
Quantity: 2
Price: SGD$20
Buyer 1: Shopaholic Angel [10 Sep '10]
Buyer 2:

This is how the back of each file looks like:

① If you want to buy any of these files from me, please drop me a comment and leave your e-mail addresses in your message! I will get back to you ASAP!!

② International shipping charges apply. You may bargain but whether I give that price to you or not is up to my own decision.

③ You may ask me questions regarding these items and I will try my best to answer them. ^_^

These items are not for sale:

Junno, Kame and Koki fans.

Back of Koki's fan.

Back of Kame's fan.

Back of Junno's fan.

Concert Booklet.

Handphone strap in box.

The handphone strap itself.

The crown and KAT-TUN tag attached to the strap.

The box.

My ticket. I sat in the Red 2B Area, 9th Row, 11th seat. Refer to the picture below.

The seating plan. 舞台 = Stage = Orange part. 紅2B = Red2B, it costs NT$2800 if you booked it successfully online. But we didn't manage to as we didn't know.. So in the end, we paid 2 times more to get our ticket through hard work, haha~

And so yes, I could see KAT-TUN and Kis-My-Ft2 really clearly whenever they passed by or stopped by to wave hands at us, haha! YAY!!!!!!!!!! XD

I will post the only photo of the stage that I took with my lousy 2MP phone after the concert ended. I didn't bring my camera in for fear of having it confiscated.. But in the end, they didn't check bags or whatever -_-" I should have brought my camera!! T_T!!

As for the REPO for the KAT-TUN concert, I will be writing a short one because my memory is REALLY BAD, haha.. XD

Good night, girl!! ♥


Shopaholic said...

Hey im interested in the kat tun files. please msg me back asap thanks.

my email: shopaholicangels@gmail.com

HaruLoku said...

Hi Shopaholic!!

I've replied you, sorry for late reply!


rattnaa said...
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