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NEWS' 4th album LIVE is Number 1!

Yay!! Today is the release date of NEWS' 4th album, LIVE!! I have the good fortune to listen to the album 2 days ago and I simply love it!! ♥ ♫~~

First day sale for LIVE: 72,084!! v(^_^)v
First day sale for color: 47,852
First day sale for pacific: 52,108

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Today is NEWS' 7th anniversary? I didn't know.. XD Bad fan, I am!! T_T!!

Well, here's to wishing NEWS to have more great years ahead of them!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

01 恋のABO [Koi no ABO]

'Nuff said, we know and love this song~ ♥


Funny lyrics!! XD Very cute song!! ♫~~

03 生まれし君へ [Umareshi Kimi e]

Reminds me of Kimi Omou Yoru~~~ This is a sweet song~~ ♥

04 Supernatural

Very nice style~ Gives me a feeling of "gentleman", lol~~ ^_^b I love the arrangement of this song, very comfortable~ ♫~

05 秋の空 [Aki no Sora/Autumn Sky]

I think this is my favourite song in the entire album!! It's a really sad song!! T_T!! The lyrics is sooooooooo sad!!

The more I think of you, the more my chest hurts.

06 2人/130000000の奇跡 [Ichioku Sanzenman Bun no Futari no Kiseki/Miracle of 2 over 130000000]

Aww, such a sweet song!!!!!!!!! Love it!! The melody is very nice and upbeat, my kind of music!! ♥

07 Dancin' in the Secret

It sounds like a sexy song, haha!! XD

08 ワンダーランド [Wonderland]

I like dance songs~~~~~~~~~~ XD

09 さくらガール [Sakura Girl]

Sakura~ ♫~~ ♥


Love it! XD The drama's weird but it's cool, lol~ XD

11 D.T.F

Upbeat song~! ♥ But what is it about? LOL~~ I haven't had the copy yet, so I can't look at the lyrics and my listening comprehension has always been not so good, haha! XD

12 内容の無い手紙 [Naiyou no Nai Tegami/Letter of no Contents]

A difficult-to-sing song, I think! There's one part where it's difficult to sound natural! Koyama didn't make it but Ryo made it!! ♥ But it's overall a very nice song!

13 エンドレス・サマー [Endless Summer]

Cute song~! ♥

14 Share

I was so touched to hear this being CD-lised!! OMG!! T_T!!

Even though I have gotten used to the LIVE recording, this recording studios version is nice too! Without the echo, it sounds slimmer~~ OMG, NEWS love, member ai~~!

15 Forever(Unplugged Ver.)

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already love the original and now they hit me with an unplugged one, OMG!!!!!!!!!! TOO GREAT!!

It's a quieter version and has more emotions~! Ryo's solo was really emotion-filled!! I love Ryo's singing because he always sing with the appropriate [amount of] emotions!! My Ryo~~~~ ♥

The harmony is so harmonious!! ♫♪~~~ I love! They should do it more often!!

I really think that NEWS is one of the best singers among Johnny's groups. And within NEWS, Tegoshi is the best singer, that's what I think. The following is my ranking, really, it's my opinion, you don't need to disagree or agree~ ^_^

1. Tegoshi -- He sings really powerfully and emotionally. He can reach high and low notes. His harmonies are always nice too! He always make his LIVE singing unique and not like the CD version, I think that's great!! ♥

2. Massu -- No doubt, he is another powerhouse! All the food he eats is not to be wasted, all used in singing! LOL!! His singing is gentle yet powerful and emotional. He dances really well too! XD

3. Ryo -- Oh my Ryo. My friend said that his manly exterior does not fit his cute singing voice, lol~ I thought like that too when I first knew him, lol! Anyway, he is good at singing those high notes, especially displayed in Kanjani8's songs. He can pronounce his words really clearly even when he's singing at the speed of light, lol~

4. Er.. I think I wanna put YamaP, Koyama and Shige in the same position. LOL!! XD It's not that they don't sing well. YamaP has shown improvements with each single he releases~ Very good! XD YamaP can try to have more "round sound" by using more strength in his diaphragm.. « Same goes for KoyaShige~ XD

As for Koyama, his voice sounds a bit like Massu at times because of his pitch, but I can always tell the difference. Koyama's singing is a bit more tough and stiff than Massu's gentle and water-like singing nature.

Shige.. He helps to lower the general pitch of NEWS songs? XD I mean, okay, his voice is rather hoarse, but to some people, that's sexy, right? He is cute when he sang his own song, the Sha la la Tambourine~ XD

I hope they improve more and maybe propose themselves for a variety show or something! Take the initiative, boys!! XD I love my princes, but they cannot behave like princes!! XD

Okay, that's all for my super simple review, haha~ I love NEWS so much.. I like to say that anytime, anywhere, it just bursts out of me that way, haha! XD ♥

Good night, girl!!

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