Friday, 29 October 2010 @ 21:56

『Johnnys International』

『Johnnys International』 Information e-mail delivery service

Finally!! The day we have been waiting for has come! Sign up at their website now!!


A simple translation of the terms and conditions for people who doesn't know English. ^_^

※ Please note that we do not distribute e-mail regularly.
※ E-mail delivery service is for send-only. We DO NOT provide any replies.
※ Please note that a free E-mail account may cause mail delivery failure.
※ If there is any incorrect information or forgery claim, we cancel the registration.
※ We DO NOT accept any inquiry mail regarding information e-mail delivery service.
※ If you are not willing to receive any mail, you may cancel the registration.
※ There is no registration fee except any communication expenses.
※ Johnny & Associates Co., Ltd., Young Communication Co., Ltd., and any other associate companies will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of any information on this website.

※ 請注意,我們不是定期發電郵的。
※ 電郵服務只是單方面的傳送而已。我們沒有回復服務。
※ 請注意,免費電郵箱可能會導致您無法收到電郵。
※ 如果有任何錯誤的資料或是僞造資料的嫌疑,我們會取消您的註冊。
※ 我們不接受關於這項服務的詢問電郵。
※ 如果您不願意收到任何電郵,您可以取消註冊。
※ 這是一項免費的服務,除了通訊費用。
※ 株式会社傑尼斯事務所,Young Communication Co., Ltd.,和任何其他的關聯公司將不會為任何被這網站的消息所造成的傷害負責任。

Finally, we are being recognised!! I hope that their frequency won't be TOO irregular though.. Don't wanna wait till my neck grows longer and longer! HAHA~ XD

Good night! ♥

CLUB∞ Diary 28.10.10 Thursday #1

28.10 Thursday #1

How long has it been since I wrote in a diary,
Always can't persevere,
Already an adult, for the sake of the future, I think I will write.

Speaking of which, the catalyst to write this diary was Ace. Because that fella skipped on the cleaning roster, I had to clean up the room, and so I found this diary book that I had bought in the past and never used, along with an album from the "House of Children" era. Filled with nostalgic photos. Because it's such a rare occassion, I thought I want to write down these past memories.

This is such a good idea. Despite that, I still have to lecture the Ace who skipped cleaning. Today is the first day of this diary, so let's just end it here.

∞UPPERS Diary FOUND!! XD It's lying in the room next to the club! You know, the room where Jacky was playing Solitaire by himself?! XD

You can view the original Japanese words HERE!! Just go into the club via the door and click the VIP diamond-shaped sign to the left after you input your name~ XD Today, I scored 126 on darts on the right side! XD

I wonder who wrote this?! Is it Toppo?! Is it Mac?! Is it Johnny?! Those are my main "suspects" though, haha~ XD

Lazybum Ace, haha! ♥

Thursday, 28 October 2010 @ 23:59

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 28.10.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
28.10.10 1340h

Minasan konnichiwa.
Nishikido desu.

Saikin, yasai ga takai ne.
Iroiro ne agarisuru ne.

Ima, 1 DORU ga yaku 80en da yo!
En taka da ne!
En wa dono kurai no chikara wo motsu youni naru no darou ka.
DORU wa itsu agaru no darou ka.

DORU ga agaru toki
Sekai de wa nani ga okotteiru no deshou.

Boku wa tada utai tsudzukeru yo!


Good evening everyone.
I'm Nishikido.

Recently, vegetables are expensive.
A lot of thing's prices have risen.

Now, $1 is about ¥80!
Yen is expensive!
How much more strength will Yen hold?
When will the Dollar rise?

When the Dollar rises
What will happen in this world?

I will only continue to sing!

LOL~! Ryo is so funny!!

So in the end, he doesn't really care much about the exchange rate!! XD

I don't really care about exchange rates as well~

But I think he's thinking of going to Hawaii! LOL~ I wish I can go there too! I love beach and sea and sun! XD If I can, I wish I can build a house next to the sea, on the beach, omg!! DREAM HOUSE!! XD

I love it when he uses exclamation marks, haha.. XD

Watched 8UPPERS movie last night.. OMG~! It's really nice!! ♥ I like the simple storyline and the meaning of the movie! It's funny and touching!! ♥ Kanjani8 has never been this cool!! XD

Good night!! ♥

Thursday, 21 October 2010 @ 23:11

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 21.10.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
15.10.10 1630h

Minasan konnichiwa.
Boku desu.
Nishikido Ryou desu.

Minasan, zetsubou tte ajiwatta koto, aru kai?
Boku mo yoku wakaranain da keredo
Sonna kotoba de shika arawasu koto ga dekinai kanjou ga yo no naka ni wa aru tte koto dayo ne.
Ikiru imi ga mi dasenai to iu koto kana.
Kanashii kanjou da ne.

Konna koto wo hanashiteite mo betsuni ochi wa nain dakedo ne.
Zetsubou to wa kitto
Ochite iku dake no nano kana.

Nante ne


Good day everyone.
It's me.
It's Nishikido Ryo.

Everyone, have you ever had the feeling of hopelessness?
Even though I also don't really know
Such emotions which can only be described by that kind of words, do exist, right?
I wonder if that means that one has no more hopes to live on.
Isn't it a sad emotion.

Talking about such things doesn't particularly get me down though.
Hopelessness is definitely
Only about going down, I wonder.

Just saying

LOL~! Ryo~~~~~~~~ What are you trying to get at?!?!? XD People would say, "OF COURSE hopelessness is 'going down'!"

Well, to me, if there is a down, there will be an up. Just wait for your luck to change for the better!! I want to believe in that, haha..

I love it when he uses that icon!! ♥

But really, did he have to write an entry 6 days prior to the publishing date?! -_-" Haha.. Funny boy..

Saw a funny CM of Kanjani8 for So cute XD Saw preview of NEWS' Fighting Man PV!! So excited, wanna watch the entire PV!!

O YEAH! An unofficial photobook of Ryo was released on the 19th!! It's about SGD$30, I dunno if I should buy it.. T_T!! I'm very broke!! T_T!!

Let me take some info from my friend's LJ! I'll just roughly translate, no accuracy!! XD

ジャニーズの人気グループ関ジャニ∞とNEWSの両グループに所属する錦戸亮の特集本「錦戸亮 Photo&Episode -Masculine Pride-」が、10月22日にアールズ出版から発売となります。この商品はオンラインショップAmazonで購入可能です。また錦戸は、10/20に関ジャニ∞としてニューアルバム「8UPPERS(パッチアッパーズ)」、11/3にNEWSとしてニューシングル「Fighting Man」を連続リリースします。さらに1/19には、錦戸亮が出演したドラマのDVD「ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官 DVD-BOX」がリリースされます。


Special compilation book of Nishikido Ryo, Johnny's popular idol who belongs to two groups, Kanjani8 and NEWS, will be released on the 22nd of October. It can be bought from Amazon online shop. Also, Nishikido will simultaneously release a new album "8UPPERS" on 20/10 as Kanjani8 and a new single "Fighting Man" on 3/11 as NEWS. Furthermore, on 19/1, the DVD-BOX of "JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan" will be released.

Kanjani8's baby and NEWS' "Underground Boss". Different presence in the two groups, continuous activities as an actor, the one and only Johnny's idol, Nishikido Ryo. 8 episodes of his trails. Including 100 precious photos!


Episode1 狂気を演じ切った“目力” [Powerful Charismatic "Eye Power"]

Episode2 受け継がれるバトン [something about his "band"]

Episode3 苦節顔の原点 [The Starting Point of Tireless Effort]

Episode4 “錦戸流”メッセージ ["Nishikido style" Messages]

Episode5 リスタート [Restart]

Episode6 心通う仲間と [With Heart-to-Heart Friends]

Episode7 強気と謙虚さの挟間で [In Between Assertive and Humility]

Episode8 さらなる飛翔のために [In Order to Fly]

WA~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know!! He's the one and only Ryo~!! ♥ XD I think I will buy this, lol! XD

Good night!! ♥

Friday, 15 October 2010 @ 21:24

NEWS Fighting Man on Music Station 15 Oct 2010!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! NEWS was on Music Station at 8pm Japan time today!! I missed it, but due to the great efficiency of NEWS fans, a high resolution recording of their wonderful performance was uploaded onto YT!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! ALL OF THEM ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I have typed out the romaji and also translated the chorus parts! I'm sorry for not being able to translate the entire thing!! T_T

Anyway, I really really love NEWS!! Look at the super surprised Ryo after YamaP hugged him! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Never fails to crack me up!! Can't watch this video in public places, other people may think I'm crazy laughing to myself!! LOL!! XD

Enjoy!! ♥ ^_~ ♫~

This video's Romaji Lyrics

Kantan ni dekitan ja
Nani mo imi nante nai
TORE-SU shita jinsei wa No good
Sanzan na joukyou ni
Nankai mo butsu kan nakya
Kotae nanka mitsukaria shinai
Kankai nanka ni fukette
Koukai nante shi nai de
Zenpou dake mite susumeba ii sa
Dantotsu na SUPI-DO de
Machigai ja nai jounetsu daite
Gamushara ni ike

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Ima no mama de ii no kai?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Boukansha ja No No
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Nori de ikeba iinjanai?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Fumi dashita nara
Mou saijoukyuu no Fighting Man

Joushiki nante kowashite nanbo no kabette kidzuite
Maiban yande naite naide?
Chousen shitara ii ja nai? Ari no mama omou ga mama
Nani mo shinakya hajiman nai jibun ni maken na

Nanjaku nante sa No way
Daitan muteki na My way
Sonkurai de cho-do ii go jisei ja nai no?
Danchigai na mirai zu ni
Yureru ginai asu egaite
Hacha mecha ni ike

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Ima no mama de ii no kai?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Boukansha ja No No
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Nori de ikeba iinjanai?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Fumi dashita nara
Mou saijoukyuu no Fighting Man

Dare ka no tame ni ikite iru wake ja nai
Kura bezu ni mayowazu ni ayunde

Don't look back Don't look back
Toki wa tomaranai kara
Don't give up Don't give up
Kakugo kimete ikou ze
Don't look back Don't look back
Kura yami kiri saite
Don't give up Don't give up
Tameratte tara Over

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Ima no mama de ii no kai?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Boukansha ja No No
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Nori de ikeba iinjanai?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
Fumi dashita nara
Mou saijoukyuu no Fighting Man

Kyou kara We are Fighting Men

Chorus Translation

Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Is it okay like this?
Don't be wet! Get a grip
It's not good to be a in the crowd
Don't think. Feel! Bring it on
Isn't it good to go on like "that"? Not sure what "nori" is, sorry!
Don't be wet! Get a grip
If you step out
You're already the best Fighting Man

Don't look back Don't look back
Because time doesn't stop
Don't give up Don't give up
Set your resolve and go
Don't look back Don't look back
Cut away the darkness
Don't give up Don't give up
It's Over if you hesitate

From today onwards, we are Fighting Men

Download HD NEWS - Fighting Man [15 Oct 2010][1920x1080]!! Thankz to Gee-chan!! ♥

Sorry for not being able to translate everything!!!!! But I hope you enjoy singing along!! ♥ ^_~v ♫~~

Good night, girl!! ♥

Thursday, 14 October 2010 @ 21:20

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 14.10.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
14.10.10 1055h

Minasan konnichiwa
Nishikido Ryou desu

Saikin dou deu ka?


Nihongo de boku wa nanto ittara ii no darou

Boku ni wa wakaranai ya

Ashita wa kinyoubi.

MISUTA- FURAIDE- ni minna narou yo!

Kyou, toriniku wo tabetara, boku ni hane ga dekiru kana?

Mienai tsubasa tte

Yappari nai to omou

Kaizokuou ni naru tame ni, boku wa ganbaru ze!

Ijou, Nishikido Ryou deshita


Hello everyone
I'm Nishikido Ryo

How are you recently?

It's Monsieur in France

How best to put it in Japanese

I don't know

Tomorrow is Friday.

Everyone, let's become Mister Friday!

Today, if I eat chicken meat, would I have feathers?

Things like the invisible wings

It is indeed not true, I think

In order to become king of pirates, I'm gonna work hard!

That's all, it was Nishikido Ryo

Ok, a very very very super random post from our dear boy, RYO!! LOL!! ♥

Must be very free at home eh? Haha~~ Must be saturated with too many volumes of ONE PIECE manga, while sitting on the toilet, haha! XD YES, didn't you know?! He arranges his whole collection on the FLOOR of his restroom under the nice sink cupboard, in front of his toilet bowl!! O!M!G!! XD

I'd hate to see it in person, lol.. I'm a cleanliness freak, haha!! XD

And what? He's trying to learn French or something?! OMG, master your English first!! LOL!! Come, I teach you. HAHA! XD

If I can grow wings from eating chicken, KFC would have to order a week's worth of chicken for just one day, for me. HAHA! I wanna fly! Like Tego did!! He overcame his fear of height and bungee-ed in Switzerland!! OMG!! ♥ Even though I have no fear of height, I may have trouble jumping that 220m height dam!! o.O!! I ♥ Tego!! XD

YES!! Ryo's left wrist is finally OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phew, now we all can rest easy~ XD He's so careless, I wonder what really happened! -_-" Thankz to a girl in a forum who screenshot-ed all these, we can now see that Ryo can even put up a victory sign, haha! XD YAY!! ^_^v

Good night to you!~ ♥

Saturday, 9 October 2010 @ 22:28

Johnny-san is Finally Looking Our Way!!

Yes! Johnny-san is finally considering fans outside of Japan!! Apparently some random fans were sent an e-mail from the agency telling them to sign up as soon as their website is live!! OMG!!

Let me take a quote from a website~!

-- A new service will be introduced soon, called Johnnys International information email delivery service.
-- This service, as the title suggests, will provide information on national and international activities of Johnny’s artists via email.
-- The service is directed especially at international fans.
-- The application page for this new service is still under construction, and further information will be made available as soon as the site goes live.


OMG!! This is simply too great a piece of news!! I'm so so so so happy!! ♥ There is hope, finally, for us international fans!!

Finally Johnny-san realised that he will make much much more money if he shares his cute boys with the world!! LOL!! XD

Happiness~!! ♥

Let's wait for further news and for the site to go live!! ^_^v

Good night, have a sweet dream!! ♥

Friday, 8 October 2010 @ 22:53

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 7.10.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
6.10.10 1820h

Nishikido desu!
Ima, boku wa sugoku nemuin da
Minna mo hayaku neta hou ga ii
Suteki na yume wo miru ga ii
Ashita, kasa wo motte dekaketara, ame wa furanai kamo yo
Shita wo mukaite aruite iku to, kumo ga nagarete iku yo
Me wo tsubutte
Mieru mono tte nandarou?
Tachidomaru koto wo osoreteita
Sonna anata no senaka wo boku ga oshite agemasu
Kyou mo ganbare!


I'm Nishikido!
Now, I'm very sleepy
It's better to sleep early, everyone
It's good if you have a wonderful dream
Tomorrow, if you bring an umbrella out, it may not rain
If you face down while walking, the clouds will drift away
Close your eyes
What is the thing that you see?
Afraid of not progressing
I will give such a you a push on your back
Work hard today too!

Sorry for late posting! x.X

Wow, I love longer posts from Ryo, lol~~ This time, it's quite poetic too~ ♥^_^♥

Here are the missing jweb entries!! Sorry and thankz for waiting!! ♥

① Jweb Entry 2.9.10

② Jweb Entry 9.9.10

③ Jweb Entry 16.9.10

④ Jweb Entry 23.9.10

⑤ Jweb Entry 30.9.10

Covers are up!! ♥♥ Very very nice covers this time!

Limited Edition                Normal Edition

I have also just pre-ordered the limited editions of Fighting Man and Ai wa Takaramono!!

Ai wa Takaramono [Love is a Precious Thing] is the new single by Tackey and Tsubasa!! OMG!! How many donkey years since their last single?! I must buy, right?! LOL!! Long ago, my first Johnny's album was their Hatachi!! ♥♥

Also, I have some downloads for you!!

① YELLOW GOLD - Jin Akanishi.mp4

② Akanishi Jin - Yellow Gold Tour 3010 [CM].mp4

③ [Jin Akanishi] YellowGold Tour Interview.mp4

I hope that Jin can make it and I will buy it only if I see his single on a shelf in my local CD shops!! LOL!! Yes, coz that would mean he MADE IT~ ^_^♥

Monday, 4 October 2010 @ 22:20

Ryo's Injury!

Our dear boy, Ryo really doesn't know how to take care of himself. Makes everyone around him worried! T_T

I'm sure you have noticed that his left hand was always wrapped with a black thingy since god-knows-when.. Maybe as far back as a month ago!

Some Japanese fans said that it was Tenosynovitis.. It sounds very painful!! T_T!!

I wish Ryo a speedy recovery!! GET WELL SOON!! ♥