Friday, 29 October 2010 @ 11:11

CLUB∞ Diary 28.10.10 Thursday #1

28.10 Thursday #1

How long has it been since I wrote in a diary,
Always can't persevere,
Already an adult, for the sake of the future, I think I will write.

Speaking of which, the catalyst to write this diary was Ace. Because that fella skipped on the cleaning roster, I had to clean up the room, and so I found this diary book that I had bought in the past and never used, along with an album from the "House of Children" era. Filled with nostalgic photos. Because it's such a rare occassion, I thought I want to write down these past memories.

This is such a good idea. Despite that, I still have to lecture the Ace who skipped cleaning. Today is the first day of this diary, so let's just end it here.

∞UPPERS Diary FOUND!! XD It's lying in the room next to the club! You know, the room where Jacky was playing Solitaire by himself?! XD

You can view the original Japanese words HERE!! Just go into the club via the door and click the VIP diamond-shaped sign to the left after you input your name~ XD Today, I scored 126 on darts on the right side! XD

I wonder who wrote this?! Is it Toppo?! Is it Mac?! Is it Johnny?! Those are my main "suspects" though, haha~ XD

Lazybum Ace, haha! ♥

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