Saturday, 9 October 2010 @ 22:28

Johnny-san is Finally Looking Our Way!!

Yes! Johnny-san is finally considering fans outside of Japan!! Apparently some random fans were sent an e-mail from the agency telling them to sign up as soon as their website is live!! OMG!!

Let me take a quote from a website~!

-- A new service will be introduced soon, called Johnnys International information email delivery service.
-- This service, as the title suggests, will provide information on national and international activities of Johnny’s artists via email.
-- The service is directed especially at international fans.
-- The application page for this new service is still under construction, and further information will be made available as soon as the site goes live.


OMG!! This is simply too great a piece of news!! I'm so so so so happy!! ♥ There is hope, finally, for us international fans!!

Finally Johnny-san realised that he will make much much more money if he shares his cute boys with the world!! LOL!! XD

Happiness~!! ♥

Let's wait for further news and for the site to go live!! ^_^v

Good night, have a sweet dream!! ♥

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