Friday, 29 October 2010 @ 21:56

『Johnnys International』

『Johnnys International』 Information e-mail delivery service

Finally!! The day we have been waiting for has come! Sign up at their website now!!


A simple translation of the terms and conditions for people who doesn't know English. ^_^

※ Please note that we do not distribute e-mail regularly.
※ E-mail delivery service is for send-only. We DO NOT provide any replies.
※ Please note that a free E-mail account may cause mail delivery failure.
※ If there is any incorrect information or forgery claim, we cancel the registration.
※ We DO NOT accept any inquiry mail regarding information e-mail delivery service.
※ If you are not willing to receive any mail, you may cancel the registration.
※ There is no registration fee except any communication expenses.
※ Johnny & Associates Co., Ltd., Young Communication Co., Ltd., and any other associate companies will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of any information on this website.

※ 請注意,我們不是定期發電郵的。
※ 電郵服務只是單方面的傳送而已。我們沒有回復服務。
※ 請注意,免費電郵箱可能會導致您無法收到電郵。
※ 如果有任何錯誤的資料或是僞造資料的嫌疑,我們會取消您的註冊。
※ 我們不接受關於這項服務的詢問電郵。
※ 如果您不願意收到任何電郵,您可以取消註冊。
※ 這是一項免費的服務,除了通訊費用。
※ 株式会社傑尼斯事務所,Young Communication Co., Ltd.,和任何其他的關聯公司將不會為任何被這網站的消息所造成的傷害負責任。

Finally, we are being recognised!! I hope that their frequency won't be TOO irregular though.. Don't wanna wait till my neck grows longer and longer! HAHA~ XD

Good night! ♥


Anonymous said...

*yay* I'm so happyy now!!! XD

HaruLoku said...

hi Anon~!

yeah!! me too!!!!!!!!!

thankz for dropping by~! ♥