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Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 21.10.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
15.10.10 1630h

Minasan konnichiwa.
Boku desu.
Nishikido Ryou desu.

Minasan, zetsubou tte ajiwatta koto, aru kai?
Boku mo yoku wakaranain da keredo
Sonna kotoba de shika arawasu koto ga dekinai kanjou ga yo no naka ni wa aru tte koto dayo ne.
Ikiru imi ga mi dasenai to iu koto kana.
Kanashii kanjou da ne.

Konna koto wo hanashiteite mo betsuni ochi wa nain dakedo ne.
Zetsubou to wa kitto
Ochite iku dake no nano kana.

Nante ne


Good day everyone.
It's me.
It's Nishikido Ryo.

Everyone, have you ever had the feeling of hopelessness?
Even though I also don't really know
Such emotions which can only be described by that kind of words, do exist, right?
I wonder if that means that one has no more hopes to live on.
Isn't it a sad emotion.

Talking about such things doesn't particularly get me down though.
Hopelessness is definitely
Only about going down, I wonder.

Just saying

LOL~! Ryo~~~~~~~~ What are you trying to get at?!?!? XD People would say, "OF COURSE hopelessness is 'going down'!"

Well, to me, if there is a down, there will be an up. Just wait for your luck to change for the better!! I want to believe in that, haha..

I love it when he uses that icon!! ♥

But really, did he have to write an entry 6 days prior to the publishing date?! -_-" Haha.. Funny boy..

Saw a funny CM of Kanjani8 for So cute XD Saw preview of NEWS' Fighting Man PV!! So excited, wanna watch the entire PV!!

O YEAH! An unofficial photobook of Ryo was released on the 19th!! It's about SGD$30, I dunno if I should buy it.. T_T!! I'm very broke!! T_T!!

Let me take some info from my friend's LJ! I'll just roughly translate, no accuracy!! XD

ジャニーズの人気グループ関ジャニ∞とNEWSの両グループに所属する錦戸亮の特集本「錦戸亮 Photo&Episode -Masculine Pride-」が、10月22日にアールズ出版から発売となります。この商品はオンラインショップAmazonで購入可能です。また錦戸は、10/20に関ジャニ∞としてニューアルバム「8UPPERS(パッチアッパーズ)」、11/3にNEWSとしてニューシングル「Fighting Man」を連続リリースします。さらに1/19には、錦戸亮が出演したドラマのDVD「ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官 DVD-BOX」がリリースされます。


Special compilation book of Nishikido Ryo, Johnny's popular idol who belongs to two groups, Kanjani8 and NEWS, will be released on the 22nd of October. It can be bought from Amazon online shop. Also, Nishikido will simultaneously release a new album "8UPPERS" on 20/10 as Kanjani8 and a new single "Fighting Man" on 3/11 as NEWS. Furthermore, on 19/1, the DVD-BOX of "JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan" will be released.

Kanjani8's baby and NEWS' "Underground Boss". Different presence in the two groups, continuous activities as an actor, the one and only Johnny's idol, Nishikido Ryo. 8 episodes of his trails. Including 100 precious photos!


Episode1 狂気を演じ切った“目力” [Powerful Charismatic "Eye Power"]

Episode2 受け継がれるバトン [something about his "band"]

Episode3 苦節顔の原点 [The Starting Point of Tireless Effort]

Episode4 “錦戸流”メッセージ ["Nishikido style" Messages]

Episode5 リスタート [Restart]

Episode6 心通う仲間と [With Heart-to-Heart Friends]

Episode7 強気と謙虚さの挟間で [In Between Assertive and Humility]

Episode8 さらなる飛翔のために [In Order to Fly]

WA~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know!! He's the one and only Ryo~!! ♥ XD I think I will buy this, lol! XD

Good night!! ♥


Anonymous said...

Awaaah..Haru-Chan my dear~~✿ i love you really for this *Hug*

thank you so so much for translating the info of the photobook,i was hoping to know what they had wrote about him,and it was really amazing as i expected & it even made want to buy it more,Yay~~ i'm so excited already ^O^

can i use your lovely translation in the post in Ryo's community my dear ? *shy*

and Yay~ for our beloved Fighting men ♥XD,i'm supper happy that they comeback strong again & hope they will stay active for the rest of...their lives i guess?XD

and i'm so glad for Eito ♥ as well,it's been long time since the two groups been active together and i'm incredibly happy about that ^O^,even if the poor Ryo chan is having one of the toughest times of his life trying to keep up with the guys ^ ^,but i know he is happy no matter how tired he is,because he can't stand anyone of them being inactive for any reason ^__^,that what i love about this youngman ^O^

hold on Ryo chan & Ganbare~

Yosh~,i can't wait for the upcoming promotional appearances they will make ^^,Music station today for the 2nd time ,Hey×3 &
Shounen Club Premuim - after soooo long,at last they can finally be there ! it's been two years already! -

and the "8UPPERS Tour 2010" of Eito will start after two days as well ^O^

Yosh~ it's been crazy lately for NEWS & Eito Fans XD

Thank you so much as always for made us more close to Ryo chan my dear *Hug*,believe me your words & translations always are so special to me,i feel like you give me another point of view of what he say and that you are trying your best to solve his eternal codes XD,really appreciate those efforts ♥♥

for some reason i always feel like this youngman doesn't write anything without a reason either we know it or not ^^,so i hope it's not him who feel desperate

and here we meet again after long time in one of Ryo chan's Jwebs *teasing*

wishing you the best weekend ever fulling of every amazing thing you dreamed about ♥♥*hug*

HaruLoku said...

Hi Hal-chan!!!!!!!!! ♥

i love you too, haha!

you can use it ^_^

i have yet to order my copy of the photobook.. T_T i'm very very poor now.. T_T

i loved 8UPPERS movie, it's just so nice!!

haha, yeah, Ryo will never get tired of work, he needs work to live on, haha~ XD

his Jweb this week is even funnier, lol~ he said the vegetables are expensive nowadays.. like a wife! LOL!! XD

YUP!! the MS tonight!!:

i can't wait to watch the high quality version!! XD

wish you all the best too!! ^_^ meet here again soon ne~!! ♥