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Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 7.10.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
6.10.10 1820h

Nishikido desu!
Ima, boku wa sugoku nemuin da
Minna mo hayaku neta hou ga ii
Suteki na yume wo miru ga ii
Ashita, kasa wo motte dekaketara, ame wa furanai kamo yo
Shita wo mukaite aruite iku to, kumo ga nagarete iku yo
Me wo tsubutte
Mieru mono tte nandarou?
Tachidomaru koto wo osoreteita
Sonna anata no senaka wo boku ga oshite agemasu
Kyou mo ganbare!


I'm Nishikido!
Now, I'm very sleepy
It's better to sleep early, everyone
It's good if you have a wonderful dream
Tomorrow, if you bring an umbrella out, it may not rain
If you face down while walking, the clouds will drift away
Close your eyes
What is the thing that you see?
Afraid of not progressing
I will give such a you a push on your back
Work hard today too!

Sorry for late posting! x.X

Wow, I love longer posts from Ryo, lol~~ This time, it's quite poetic too~ ♥^_^♥

Here are the missing jweb entries!! Sorry and thankz for waiting!! ♥

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Covers are up!! ♥♥ Very very nice covers this time!

Limited Edition                Normal Edition

I have also just pre-ordered the limited editions of Fighting Man and Ai wa Takaramono!!

Ai wa Takaramono [Love is a Precious Thing] is the new single by Tackey and Tsubasa!! OMG!! How many donkey years since their last single?! I must buy, right?! LOL!! Long ago, my first Johnny's album was their Hatachi!! ♥♥

Also, I have some downloads for you!!

① YELLOW GOLD - Jin Akanishi.mp4

② Akanishi Jin - Yellow Gold Tour 3010 [CM].mp4

③ [Jin Akanishi] YellowGold Tour Interview.mp4

I hope that Jin can make it and I will buy it only if I see his single on a shelf in my local CD shops!! LOL!! Yes, coz that would mean he MADE IT~ ^_^♥

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