Monday, 4 October 2010 @ 22:20

Ryo's Injury!

Our dear boy, Ryo really doesn't know how to take care of himself. Makes everyone around him worried! T_T

I'm sure you have noticed that his left hand was always wrapped with a black thingy since god-knows-when.. Maybe as far back as a month ago!

Some Japanese fans said that it was Tenosynovitis.. It sounds very painful!! T_T!!

I wish Ryo a speedy recovery!! GET WELL SOON!! ♥


Anonymous said...

yeah.he was also wearing that thing in the tokyo dome concert.i thought it was part of their costume and it looked cool with their pink-colored outfit while singing sakura girl.and if i remembe it correctly,he didn't say anything about it in their mc's....

HaruLoku said...

yeah, that's the problem.. so it left us guessing what happened to him exactly.. T_T

anyway, thankz for leaving a message, Anonymous! ^_^ come by again, i will update his missing jweb entries soon ^_^

Anna said...

When I watched this video first time, I looked only in Ryo face (^^) and didn't notice this thing, but then... whatever sort of injury it is, anyway this is no good for someone playing guitar.
Ah, poor Ryo... He works so much. I can't say I don't love it, but.. Hope he recovers soon, i'm really worrying =(
Tenosynovitis sounds really horribly. Like a demon's name x)