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CLUB∞ Diary 7.11.10 Sunday #5

7.11 Sunday #5

The sales at the shop was good, Ace didn't fight, I feel like I can sleep with this good feeling. When I'm having such cooling feeling, it's good to think about memories.
Let's drink a bit of wine from the shop while I write.

To continue from the last time,
From that time onwards, Jacky and I became good friends, we always hanged together.
Toppo was like a shadow following behind us. Jacky and me being on good terms meant that it's rather tough for the teachers. When we became 10 years old, we seriously did every kind of evil deeds. We always had to apologise to the teachers.

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Some years after that, when we were 13 or 14 years old, we also did things similar to crimes.
That time, we felt like we were the best.
We also liked playing stupid pranks.
From the pedastrain bridge, we fished an uncle's wig, thinking back on this can still make me laugh until my stomach is painful.

Several people came to join us, but it was intermittent, only Jacky, Toppo and I, the 3 of us were united.
At that time, there was no thoughts, just be happy to spend everyday with joy.

That was the time we met Johnny.
...... If I drink Younoman sake or etc, I'll become sleepy.
I will write about meeting Johnny next time.
Indeed, I'm not suitable to drink......

You can view the original Japanese words HERE!!

OMG.. the frequency of this diary.. Can I keep it up? Haha.. How long is this diary going to keep going? Does this mean that 8UPPERS will get a sequel or something?!!?!? o.O?!

XD Thinking too wild? I hope not coz 8UPPERS was very nice!! ♥

Good night~!! ♥

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