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Tackey & Tsubasa 11th Single — 愛はタカラモノ 2010.11.24 Release!!

2010.11.24 Release

:AVCD-31975/B [Limited A Edition]
¥1,680(tax in)
■初回生産限定盤B(CD+DVD):AVCD-31976/B [Limited B Edition]
¥1,680(tax in)
■通常盤(CD):AVCD-31977 [Normal Edition]
¥1,260(tax in)

初回生産限定盤 A 収録楽曲 [Limited A Edition contents]

01 愛はタカラモノ [Ai wa Takaramono/Love is a Precious Thing]

02 Cherry Sweet

・愛はタカラモノ -Music Clip-
・Off Shot

☆「Off Shot」には、「愛はタカラモノ」の曲のような、楽しくハッピーな撮影の模様を収録。(収録時間:約15分)
[Off Shot] is, like the song "Ai wa Takaramono", clips of fun and happy scenes. (Estimated duration: About 15 minutes)

初回生産限定盤 B 収録楽曲 [Limited B Edition contents]

01 愛はタカラモノ [Ai wa Takaramono/Love is a Precious Thing]

02 Cherry Sweet

・愛はタカラモノ [Dance Edition] -Music Clip-

☆「Prologue to TAKITSUBA MATSURI」は、ツアーリハーサル初日からツアー本番初日となる名古屋公演のステージに立つまでを追ったドキュメンタリー映像を収録。(収録時間:約30分)
[Prologue to TAKITSUBA FESTIVAL] is, a documentary from the first day of tour rehearsal to first day of tour of the Nagoya stage. (Estimated duration: About 30 minutes)

☆「愛はタカラモノ [Dance Edition] -Music Clip-」は、1曲通じてダンスシーンのみで構成されたミュージック・クリップ。
[Ai wa Takaramono {Dance Edition} - Music Clip-] is, a music clip of only dance scenes throughout the whole song.

通常盤収録楽曲 [Normal Edition contents]

01 愛はタカラモノ [Ai wa Takaramono/Love is a Precious Thing]

02 Cherry Sweet

03 ギミラ [Kimira/You (Plural)]

04 愛はタカラモノ(karaoke)

05 Cherry Sweet(karaoke)

06 ギミラ(karaoke)

「愛はタカラモノ」(CD):AVC1-31978 [Normal Edition "TAKITSUBA SHOP" LIMITED DISC]
¥1,260(tax in)

[収録楽曲] [Contents]

01 愛はタカラモノ [Ai wa Takaramono]
02 Cherry Sweet
※他2曲を追加した計4曲収録予定 [2 more songs will be added to have 4 songs]

[スペシャル特典] [Specials]

ドレスステッカー [Dress Sticker]

-- Pre-order the Limited A Edition now!

-- Pre-order the Limited B Edition now!

-- Pre-order the Normal Edition now!

-- You can only buy the last CD stated above in the "TAKITSUBA SHOP"

タッキー&翼、2年半振りのNEW SINGLE「愛はタカラモノ」が11月24日に発売することが決定しました!!
収録曲は、「愛はタカラモノ」と「Cherry Sweet」の他、もう2曲を追加した計4曲収録予定。どんな曲が収録されるかはお楽しみに!!



タキツバSHOPはコチラ → 【PC/携帯 共通】

"TAKITSUBA SHOP" is opened!! (Only available online)
TACKEY & TSUBASA's new single "Ai wa Takaramono" in 2 and a half years will be released on the 24th of November!!
To commemorate this release, we will release "Ai wa Takaramono" TAKITSUBA SHOP Limited Disc only here!
Songs included are "Ai wa Takaramono", "Cherry Sweet", etc, 2 more songs will be included to have 4 songs. What kind of songs will be included, please look forward to them!!
Also, as a special for customers who buy TAKITSUBA SHOP Limited Disc, stickers that can decorate your cards and etc will be included!!

【TAKITSUBA SHOP LIMITED DISC】 is, exclusively available in "TAKITSUBA SHOP".
Also, due to it being limited and exclusively produced, orders can only be made once!! Please do not miss this ♪

Order period:
7 October 2010 Noon ~ 25 November 2010 2359h (JST)

TAKITSUBA SHOP is here → 【PC/Handphone】

Okay, I went to "order" and it seems that you need a Japan address because the form is like that. Too bad for us~ T_T

Yes! I've ordered mine, I think it's the Limited B Edition, long ago when I was ordering NEWS' Fighting Man!! XD LOL! So I will be receiving my Fighting Man one month later than NEWS fans.. T_T

And well, I don't even do this kinda single listing for Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN, I only do it for NEWS.. So that's how much I love Tackey & Tsubasa too, haha!! XD

I can't wait for them to arrive!! XD ♥♥

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