Thursday, 23 December 2010 @ 23:59

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 23.12.10

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
22.12.10 2315h

Nishikido Ryou desu.
Kyou wa lap top kara koushin shite imasu.
Utsu no ga raku de ii desu ne.

Minasan ikaga osugoshi deshou ka?

TSUA- mo nokosu tokoro Oosaka dake nande,
Taichou wo kuzusanai you ni kotoshi wo kakenuke tai to omoimasu.
Sore de wa minasan suteki na shuumatsu wo...


I'm Nishikido Ryo.
Today, I'm using the lap top to update.
It's good that typing is easy.

How has everyone been?

Because the tour left only Osaka,
I hope that I will healthily finish this year.
So, I wish everyone a nice weekend...

-- "lap top" was typed in English.

♥♥♥♥♥♥ Ryo~~~

So smart eh? Use laptop to update? Use English? ♥♥♥♥♥♥

How did he update using laptop? I thought it can only be done via handphone? XD Ryo is so smart ne~~~ I like~~ ♥~

I just finished the NEWS LIVE!LIVE!LIVE! DOME PARTY DVD 45minutes ago!! I LOVE IT!! Thankz to my big LCD, I felt like I was there! But I really really really hope that one day I can physically BE THERE!! OMG!!

Actually, as a guilty NEWS fan, LIVEx3 was the only concert I managed to finish entirely! T_T

My Never Ending Wonderful Story was left halfway, omg! I need to re-watch it when I'm free!! Then the Diamond live and Pacific.. Haven't even opened!! T_T! Forgive me fellow NEWS fans!!

I realised that I know only 90% of the lyrics, omg, NO! I must learn everything!! Also, I must learn the hand actions for the singles!!

Anyway, the LIVEx3 concert was too short!! T_T And didn't include footages of Tegoshi Yuuko!! OMG!! T_T!! So sad!! Everything was too short! KoyaShige was too long though, lol! XD And they managed to trick me into believing that they will début next spring! Naughty boys!! XD

Ryo's only talking part was the "tsukareta" after his "code" solo.. T_T! SO CUTE YET SO SHORT!! T_T!! His new rendition of code was not as strong as the original version.. Now, more matured, so maybe the proclamation of love mellowed.. T_T! XD I really realy love his passionate YEAH YEAH YEAH~~~ XD

During Kibou ~Yell~, he finally went crazy, but only for such a short time, lol~ XD

I love NEWS.. I must see them in person one day! Wait for me, NEWS!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


showa_osaka said...

Oh,you'll definetely go there sooner than you think...i didn't expect that i'll be able to watch them live too since i thought they wouldn't have any concert,so i was aiming for kanjani 8...
goodness gracious,you didn't LOOOVEEE "Iitaidake?!"
Man!I think it was the best perf that I've ever seen LIVE!
My friend warned me,(who watches almost all of the Johnny's concerts)
that the boys looked different in personal.she was originally drooling foe yamapi but then when she saw Ryo and smiled(yes...a very rare moment.) at her...she practically sent me an e-mail at 2am,and she typed these words in BOLD LETTERS..."i guess i have to be your rival...I'm inlove with Ryo!"
irk!so...when I saw Shige and Kei-chan i was like "oh no...i'm inlove with you guys!" they're so @#$%^&*!!!!
but ryo is still my number 1.
i got disappointed with me because he looks really thin and his hair...ugh!

showa_osaka said...

i stand corrected.
what i was trying to say was...
i got disappointed with YAMAPI because he looks really thin and his hair...ugh!
But his hair is different he's cuter this time?

HaruLoku said...

hahaha~~~ it's not that i don't love iitaidake.. it's just.. Ryo and P's segment were too short........ T_T!!!!!

iitaidake was very cute and when i was tricked, i actually believed it and was very happy!! but then it was fake -_-" hahaha

hmmm KAT-TUN looks exactly the same to me on TV and in real life!! LOL!!

of course your friend would fall in love with our Ryo.. because HE'S RYO!! XD

as for YamaP.. i would love him in straight hair like last time, lol!! XD but well, i guess he grew out of it.. it is afterall a very teenage hairstyle.. T_T

i'm gonna see how much P differs from the TV in real life in MARCH!! XD LOL!! XD

showa_osaka said...

enjoy Pi's concert girl!
and don't forget to finish watching the previous NEWS concert dvd's!