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Warner Music Japan Signs Jin!

WOW, Warner Music Japan signs Jin!!

So his recording label will be officially Warner Music. But his agency will forever be Johnny's. Recording label and agent are two different things, so don't worry. ^_^

JIN AKANISHI ワーナーミュージック・グループとグローバル契約。全米デビューを発表。

"I am happy to be here today to announce that Jin Akanishi one of the great stars and talents in the Japanese entertainment industry will be joining the Warner Music family as of today. Warner Music Group and Warner Music Japan will sign Jin on a global basis and we will become responsible for his recording career in both English and Japanese language.

We first met Jin in early summer this year and I was impressed with his vision and the high aspirations he has for his career. He is a first class entertainer, he writes, arranges and produces most of his songs and he is now eager to team up with first class creators and producers in the US.
I am very confident our relationship with Jin will be a productive and successful one for both Warner Music and the artist and I am looking forward indeed to working with him in the future."

Dec.9th 2010
Lachie Rutherford
President, Warner Music Asia Pacific
Chairman & CEO, Warner Music Japan

Watch a short clip of the press conference.

Congrats Jin! ♥

I hope he does well and then show everyone he can do it. Too many people are hating on him because of his aloof attitude on screen and loose image off screen. I just think that, he can do whatever he wants off screen, he's still sexy on screen and on stage, that's all I care about. XD

I just hope that his heavy smoking won't further destroy his singing ability -_-"

But I'm really impressed with his recent English interview videos! XD His English pronunciation really improved a lot! Good job! ^_^b ♥ Just improve on the speed, k, love?

Good luck, Jin! ♥

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