Thursday, 27 January 2011 @ 22:00

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 27.1.11

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
27.1.11 1410h

IE-I! Konbanwa
Nishikido Ryou da ze

Ima, tonari ni Ookura ga imasu.
Shoumen ni wa Yasuda kun ga imasu.
Keitai jitteimasu.
Migi naname mae ni wa Subaru kun.
Akubi wo shite, GE-MU wo shiteimasu.
Ookura wa GAMU mo kandeimasu!

Yokoyama kun wa HEAMEKU chuu de
Maru wa...Satsuei mitai desu.
Murakami kun, doko ittan yaro.
Kyou mo tanoshiku sugoshitemasu.
Minna mo tanoshii shuumatsu wo.

Nishikido Ryou deshita.


YAY! Good evening
I'm Nishikido Ryo

Now, Ohkura is by my side.
Yasuda-kun is in front of me.
Playing with his cellphone.
Ahead on my right-hand side is Subaru-kun.
Yawning, playing games.
Ohkura is chewing gum!

Yokoyama-kun is having his hair made
Maru is... Filming, I think.
Murakami-kun, where did he go?
Today is a happy day too.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend too.

That's all
This was Nishikido Ryo.

It's Eito day~ So he's in Osaka right now? XD

Why did he call their names so formally but not Tacchon's and Maru's?? LOL~~ XD So cute, so inconsistent XD

And he reported what everyone's doing except himself, haha.. XD Apart from the fact that he's typing this, of course, lol~~ XD

I'm running a slight fever today, but I didn't see the doctor. XD

Good night! ♥

Saturday, 22 January 2011 @ 23:36

YamaP Concert Tickets

I failed.

It felt like the biggest failure of my life.

The entire website was jammed on the dot at 12nn.

I hate my country, I hate that "country" of a ridiculous amount of crazy fans. Rest assured, it's not Taiwan, I love that country.

I failed.


Thursday, 20 January 2011 @ 22:50

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 20.1.11

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
20.1.11 1503h







Hello how are you I'm Nishikido
I met up with everyone today
Everyone looked fine and that is better than anything
I think I will work hard towards my next goal


I want to smack his bottom!! Hahaha!! Why?! Because he typed everything in hiragana with no punctuation marks! Like a primary school or kindergarten kid! LOL!!

What is his next goal? I'm curious~ ^_^ My goal has always been to go to Japan to study the Japanese language, hehe~~ XD

Ryo is so so so so so so so so cute!! I watched the first 16minutes of the 3rd DVD of LIVE!LIVE!LIVE!, the documentary~ OMG~ SO CUTE!! The way he made fun of Massu after eyeing his t-shirt was so hilarious! It's something I did in real life too!! LOL!! No kidding!! I was like, "Ryo, don't copy me!" HAHAHA!! XD

O yeah, the other day, Monday and Tuesday, I baked cookies for the first time in my life!! XD LOL!!

My first cookies!!

26 letters of the alphabet! Hehe.. I also did numbers, haha..


Cute, right?! XD

I love NEWS~~~~ ♥♥

I love Ryo~~ How I wish I can give him this cookie.. T_T

Kanjani8!! Yes, I WROTE it! XD Squeezed, rather..

Heehee.. Of course they taste great too!! My family and colleagues told me so, haha~ ^_^v

It's nice to read Ryo's jweb every Thursday because the following day onwards, I will have to work all the way to Monday before I can finally rest on my off day on Tuesday. T_T!

Good night!! ♥♥

Thursday, 13 January 2011 @ 12:52

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 13.1.11

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
12.1.11 1550h

Konshuu kara ganbaruze!!!!!


I'm gonna work hard this week!!!!!

OMG! Super short can?!


He's so high, so many exclamation marks, haha! How cute~ ♥♥

O yeah..

Sorry for posting these JWEBs late!! m(_ _)m

Ryo's last entry of 2010 is HERE!

Ryo's first entry of 2011 is HERE!

Good night! ♥

Thursday, 6 January 2011 @ 23:39

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 6.1.11

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
6.1.11 1728h


Happy new year

Genki desuka

Kotoshi mo ganbarimasu



Happy new year

Genki desuka

I will work hard this year too

-- "Genki desuka" was typed in Romaji.


Heart icon again~ ♥ XD I'm a sucker for that, especially when he uses it, haha.. ♥

People like Kame who over-use emoticons are.. reverse effect. HAHA! XD JKJK His entries are cute and enthusiastic, unlike Ryo, right? Haha.. XD

I hope that Ryo's 2011 will be even more fantastic than 2010!! ♥♥

I hope that your 2011 will be great as well!! ♥ ^_~

Saturday, 1 January 2011 @ 00:00






Happy New Year!

My 2010 has been a very happy, fulfilling, busy, enjoyable and fruitful year! ♥

What about you?

I wish for 2011 to be the same and even better! I wish the same for you and everyone else! ^_~b ♥♥

Also, I wish for Ryo to finally have a lead role in a drama! And have a solo single! ^_^♥