Saturday, 1 January 2011 @ 00:00






Happy New Year!

My 2010 has been a very happy, fulfilling, busy, enjoyable and fruitful year! ♥

What about you?

I wish for 2011 to be the same and even better! I wish the same for you and everyone else! ^_~b ♥♥

Also, I wish for Ryo to finally have a lead role in a drama! And have a solo single! ^_^♥


Hal said...

Hey there sweet Haru-chan~~~♥
how are you my dear? *Hug*

i missed you so ,i hope everything is great for you ^___^

so sorry dear for not commenting here very often T_T,but it's out of my hand,i really can't find the time nor the right mood to sit in front of my PC properly lately *teary eyes*

but i come here every now & then when i can,and i'm still so grateful for all the efforts you put for translating dear Ryo chan's J-web & posting about NEWS <3 *Hug*,you really make me - and a lot of your lovely blog's readers - so happy ♥ ^^

by the way, i just discovered that we are sharing the love of Tackey & Tsubasa as well *cool*

i really wish you a very Happy NEW(s) & Fruitful Year ;) ,and for all your goals to be achieved ^^

wish you the best in all you do sweetie...Ganbatte~~ ^O^

i just want to begin this year greeting you dear friend ^^ >>>>'s about time to began the year for me now in the middle of January *teasing*

Have an amazing day full of joy ♥

HaruLoku said...

Hi Hal-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm fine and busy since day 1 of 2011! LOL!! how about you?

even though you're busy, take care okay!!

i'm happy to make you and all my readers happy!

but i've been too busy with real life.. i don't even download magazine scans anymore.. T_T!!

Tackey & Tsubasa is the first group that i "know"! lol.. or.. "own".. i was randomly shopping when i was 15 in year 2000 and saw Hideaki's album, the Hatachi.. so i bought it!! technically, that's the first CD that i own! even earlier than all BSB's albums who i love since 1997, lol..

i never knew anything or Johnny's until i love NEWS in 2008.. then i discovered everything, haha!! so late, right!! XD

wish you all the best in everything you do too! i hope that your 2011 is sweet and fruitful!

^_^ ♥♥