Saturday, 22 January 2011 @ 23:36

YamaP Concert Tickets

I failed.

It felt like the biggest failure of my life.

The entire website was jammed on the dot at 12nn.

I hate my country, I hate that "country" of a ridiculous amount of crazy fans. Rest assured, it's not Taiwan, I love that country.

I failed.



Hal said...

Oh~~ what's wrong my dear *pats Haru-chan's head*

i hope everything is OK sweetie,don't get so harsh on yourself *HUG*,you are not a failure at all T_T,don't say that

i hope everything will turn to be OK for you always my dear,don't be sad please *HUG*

i wish you a very happy day full of all things you love & all the joy you deserve ^_^

HaruLoku said...

i couldn't get the tickets to YamaP's concert in TW.. T_T!!