Friday, 15 April 2011 @ 22:15

Inu wo Kau to iu Koto Episode 1!!

OMG~!! Ryo's drama is starting now!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! XD

First scene and Ryo has to kneel down before someone already.. T_T Heartbroken.. Get scolded by the man.. T_T

The young daughter likes dogs~ She's very cute!! ♥

The mum works in a supermarket~

The elder son scores 12points for his test -_-" Haha~~

Yuuji's job is always not smooth, and it's not a nice job.. T_T Poor thing.. His daughter also accidentally sees her dad being walloped.. T_T

He went to the pub and bumped into his old friend.. They used to jam together but now, Yuuji declined his friend's request to play the guitar.. Saying that he totally can't play it now anymore.. T_T

His wife received an invitation to her ex-classmates gathering.. Entrance fee is 4000yen.. They can't afford it..

The young daughter is so super, she can take bus by herself and go and rescue the stray dog!! XD Claiming that it's hers, haha!

Yuuji tried to save one of his colleagues on the lay off list..

Sachiko, the wife, works in the supermarket and suddenly bumps into her ex-classmate.. JUNNOSUKE! Oopz, I dunno his name XD He asks whether she can go to the reunion party.. She says that she can't~

The manager tells Sachiko that her daughter is outside but she doesn't see her and says that she should still be in school..

Her daughter brings the dog to her dad and he says it's cute~! ♥

He asks her, "What about school?", she asks him back, "What about your work?" Haha, so cute!! XD

They get home and get scolded by mummy~

Sachiko is very angry that they can't provide acceptable excuses and Yuuji keeps siding his daughter, Sachiko gets even angrier!

And finally the truth's out because the son shows the dog to mummy.. XD

Everyone wants to rear the dog except for mummy.. She tells Yuuji that if he has money for the dog then let his children eat!! She takes the dog away and the little girl keeps saying sorry.. T_T!!

Yuuji is sad that he can't do a single thing.. Every time..

The colleague who Yuuji is trying to save has a sick wife in the hospital and her doctor is Junnosuke! XD

Sachiko thinks of Yuuji's love for dogs.. Her neighbours all "WOW" at that dog she's holding, saying how expensive it is, how rare it is, etc~~ Under peer pressure, she gives it a name.. SKYTREE!! ♥

Yuuji decides that things in the house are left for him to decide and goes in search for Sachiko and his daughter~

They decide to rear the dog~ YAY!! XD

Next episode also has Yuuji kneeling down.. And they're gonna fight as well T_T Sad ah, I hope for the better days, SKYTREE!! XD ♥

See you next week!! ♥♥

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