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Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 17.5.12

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
16.5.12 1837h

Minasan konbanwa.
Nishikido desu.
Genki desu ka?
Ore wa ii kanji desu.

Kyou wa shakou dansu no renshuu wo shimashita.
Sensei ni horesou ni narimashita.

Mecha mecha li-do shite kurete, zutto te wo nigitte, te wo mawashite itadaite, kono heya chotto akarui ne tte iu joudan mo itadaki nagara.

Maa kakusori deshita kedo.


Good evening everyone.
I'm Nishikido.
How are you?
I'm feeling good.

There was a practice for social dance today.
I became a bit mesmerised by the teacher.

The teacher led me, held my hands, turned me around and even joked that the room was a bit bright.

Well, though he had an army cut.

Sorry for being late!! Haven't gotten used to posting Ryo's diary! Sadz.. Lol..

Aww, Ryo's being a naughty boy in this post! In Japanese, there's no need to write a "he/she" in the sentences, hence he's able to trick fans into thinking the teacher he's mesmerised with is a girl and give us a fright! Lol!

I love him all the same. XD

Speaking of jealousy, do you think that there are others who is like me when watching "PAPADOL!"? I actually cried lots because he's being nice to another girl! It really doesn't help when she has the same name as me, HARU-CHAN!! ;_;

Lol, I'm just a crazy fan.. XD

♥ you, my reader and Ryo.

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