Thursday, 14 June 2012 @ 23:33

Ryo's Eito Ranger Jweb 14.6.12

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
12.6.12 2130h

Minna genki kai?
Boku wa kyou 8ka no on ea dakara, hayaku ie ni kaeru yotei.
Minna mo kyou wa hayaku kaerou!
Ja, TEREBI no naka de aimashou!

Don't miss it!!


Is everyone doing fine?
I have scheduled to go home early because today is the broadcasting of episode 8.
Let's go home early too, everyone!
So, let's meet in the television!

Don't miss it!!

OMG, my Ryo is so cute, lol~~~~ ♥♥


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