Friday, 20 July 2012 @ 18:39

Chankapaana!! チャンカパーナ!

Have you listened to the latest NEWS single, Chankapaana?

It's wonderful!! It's got one solo for each of our boys and they are all really quite unique!

Addict by Tegoshi Yuya. It's a difficult song to sing! That's what I feel when I tried to follow the lyrics! Despite its tempo, it's actually quite a sad song.. With my half bucket of Japanese, the lyrics in my interpretation is that the girl left him but he's addicted to her and hope to go back in time to be with her again.. :(

Starry by Koyama Keiichiro. It's a super sad song!! I thought it was sad when I first heard it but when I studied the lyrics the next day.. Omg!!!!!!! It's so sad!! ;_;!! It's about a girl leaving him for another guy. He wanted to tell her how much he loves her but if that troubles her, he will give up in his heart. But he hopes to find her again if there's a next life. Omg!!!!!! ;_;!! Almost cried in the morning bus ride!!

Vampire by Kato Shigeaki. It's a very funny song!! Lol!! XD Love his monologue! XD The lyrics is really funny, it's about him liking a girl and wants to feed on her blood?! Pardon my Japanese!! XD

PeekaBoo... by Masuda Takahisa. My favourite solo song in this time's single!! XD It's so nice!! I love the rhythm, the beat, the lyrics and his voice!!!!!! I can almost imagine him dancing already!! XD I love his dance, the way he dances, LOVE. He's great but unfortunately underrated because of his kindness!! Awwww~~!! It's ok Massu, I know your awesomeness, ain't that enough? XD

I'm surprised by myself because I actually placed Tegoshi's solo on the third place of the four solos. First is PeekaBoo... for me. Second is Starry just coz it's so damn sad! And fourth, I'm sorry Shige. He and his songs are rather the acquired taste. XD

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE NEWS!! Forever and ever. These four will stick it out through the thick and thin because they are fiercely loyal!! I know because I'm a water sign too! And as you know Taurus people are also known for being loyal, almost blindly so!! XD

NEWS forever. ❤

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