Wednesday, 1 August 2012 @ 23:15

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1.8.12 1935h


Jinsei de nidome no oyashirazu nuki wo tattaimashite kimashita.

Ironna hattatsushita kikai no naka de basshi to iu sakugyou sagyou wa nante genshi teki nandeshou ka?

Chi no aji ga zutto shiteru ze!



Second time in my life to extract my wisdom tooth.

Among all the advanced machines, why is it that dentistry is so primitive?

The taste of blood is still in my mouth!

Awww~~ Poor thing~~

I've already extracted all four of my wisdom teeth because the dentist said my jaw is too small to accommodate them. I extracted them two by two, one year apart, when I was 23 and 24.

Just a few days ago, my middle sister went for wisdom tooth extraction too! XD

Get well soon, my love~! ♥♥

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